'RAGE MODE II' Hard Rap Instrumentals | Aggressive Trap Beats Mix 2018

38 thoughts on “'RAGE MODE II' Hard Rap Instrumentals | Aggressive Trap Beats Mix 2018

  1. Let`s make this an inofficial beatbattle! Which beat do you like the most? Leave a comment below and please help me to share this video! 👌🔥🌊
    👹Beat list :
    1 ▷ 0:00 Grind – Prod by Onik Beatz
    2 ▷ 3:19 Virus – Prod by Iceey Beats
    3 ▷ 5:53 Crypto – Prod by Kyu Tracks
    4 ▷ 09:09 Escobar – Prod by Dessence
    5 ▷ 12:55 Takeover – Prod by Heartbreaker Beats
    6 ▷ 16:36 Doomed – Prod by Slump Beats
    7 ▷19:18 Killer – Prod by Luxray Beats
    8 ▷ 23:09 Scarface – Prod by Soulker
    9 ▷ 26:27 Dead Inside – Prod by Omega
    10 ▷ 29:58 Bills n Pills – Prod by Violent Beatz
    11 ▷ 33:25 Sakura – Prod by KXVI
    12 ▷ 36:21 Thug – Prod by Ihaksi

  2. Dead inside and Bills n Pill my damn favorite that underground feeling is way higher than heaven! Av shared n liked!

  3. All these words , they'll hit deep ,
    So deep that it's all the way beneath planet Earth if y'all screed you ain't hearing me it's a hearing

    Oh no , oh pleas , please don't
    Nah nah nah please do

    Y'all won't do it like me making moves when I flow on a crusie y'all cursed you stink put on your shoes and I'll put on a show that's why it's going to show how I do what I do and you sit and wish its going to come true

    Y'all dumb , no clue , I wish you luck !!
    Have fun until the fun is over from dumbluck you stumbled upon oh hun nuns are nurses with guns

    That takes yo nuts you have no guts
    So sick , so fly , in the air just so I can skydive

    Who cares ? Why lie ? Why live ? Why have any fear ?
    I don't ! That's why I won't turn face towwrds the ground

    I know my worth torn from the inside out believe it or not y'all will receive it

  4. Rage mode rage mode ay
    Fucked yo bitch leave her in a cage hoe yuh a cage hoe
    Im white but have a dog and dont do my homework (yuh yuh yuh)

  5. I don’t vape me but I ghost you why you hate me
    Got Nike on me don’t fuck with the fake see
    Stacking paper balling like the lakers and it’s A3
    So many bills that even the saints see
    People think crazy
    But that shit don’t Faze me
    Finish over you west brook rocking the baby
    Hope I’m not guarding you I bite like a shark
    shots up 5am I’m balling in the dark
    Like I’m Mario pull up in cart
    Going round the 8 track the finish is the start
    I get it listening is hard but listen to my bars cuz I’m spitting my vision and my vision going far

  6. Bitch get the stepping
    Yeah I got a weapon
    What the fuck you saying dawg
    What city is you repping
    You do not want to fuck with me
    I’m not the one for lessons
    So just give me a minute while
    Your mom cooks me breakfast

    Yeah that shit was perfect
    Hit harder than burffect
    Im breaching the surface

  7. Running your mouth and I'm going to get to kicking in your teeth with my feet in sandals then proceed to beat your ass with three paddles I'm just too much to handle just for your info this is an unofficial beat battle I speak nothing but heat like a gun spitting unlimited ammo machine gun tongue lyrical syllable fire breathing heathen straightSavage always managed to damage any booth that I stand in snapping cracking backs right in half an in an orderly fashion who want to get it who want to test my passion I'm the master of the matter in getting whatever it is that you're after and anything that I'm after I'm damn sure going to capture make you feel the aftermath of the wrath of my rapture hate me I'm flattererd fuck
    around and get your world shattered just like a glass lantern that got hit with a downward thrust of an impact from the Thor hammer

  8. Never been scared don’t got no beef if a nigga want smoke I’ll b down the street pull up on yo block whip out the glock thought it was a game nigga thought I was lame caught me a body RIS rest in shame careful who u disrespect cause after there’s no going back only want big dollaz throw tha money make dem hoes holla u got some new shoes what r those light a nigga set up twinkle toes

  9. I'm Sick like malaria nothing that's scaryer there's no preparing you for when I come breaking you're barrier tearing down your whole area n

  10. Reci di si pajdo
    Idi kuci pij kakao
    Ti si nista, ti si nista
    Reci di si pao

    Kakva crta ( reci odma )
    Kakva donja ( kakva gornja )
    Sta to smrdi ( nesto vonja )
    Domazet Ante ( kakva lova )

  11. Dat was when I was 14 I had to think of beats n my niggaz be n da hood coming up wit lyrics n my nigga chief keef wanna spit some rhymes ey ey ey

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