heyyyyy what's up it's the milk TV back again for another video and in this video I will be discussing what MVP battle is followed by some tips strategies and party compositions that might make your MVP battle easier but before we start don't forget to click on subscribe and click on the notification Bell decided so you will be the first to watch my newest videos MVP battle is an event every Friday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. GMT plus 7 in this event a set of MVPs and mini bosses will spawn in a certain map and your party as well as other parties can hunt those MVPs but there is a catch the map is open for PvP so you can PvP other people and they can PvP you and your party members as well the MVPs and mini bosses in this event have multiplied health pools which means it takes longer to kill them compared to their regular counterparts in the outside world you and your party mates need to at least the base level 70 to join the event then once you're ready to go as a party leader you can join the event by either talking to this npc named outpost in front R square or by clicking on this icon which shows up during the event take note that after entering a match your party will have a ten minute cooldown period where you cannot enter another match unless you kill an MVP or the timer ends on your current match once your party is in the map you cannot use fly rings or transformation scrolls when you die you can get restricted by your priest if you have one or your party mates using the in Brazil leave if you choose to leave in revive you will be resurrected on your party's assigned to respawn point somewhere in the map you are limited to four MVPs and four mini bosses per event which means that you will not get drops if you kill a fifth MVP or mini boss also the regular MVP and mini boss mechanics apply for this event which means that first tip most damage output most Monster agro attracted effective healing last hit and stuff like that will help you in your party get them VP for mini bosses though it's still gonna be first hit though you can reset the first hit if you kill the person with the mini boss first so what do you get if you've successfully killed an MVP or a mini if your party has won a boss fight each party member will receive certain amounts of Honor proof which you can use to buy stuff in your guild spending machine you will also get certain amounts of mithril stone which is the stone used for refining head gears you also get the regular drops from the MPPs and mini-bosses the same props you get from them in the outside world so now let's talk about party composition the party composition I would recommend is one type a night or a paladin that can use stone so your other party members don't have to worry about that grow one healer to keep the tank and other party members alive do damage dealers which focuses on the MVP or mini-bosses you're trying to kill and one party defender which preferably has full pvp equipment to protect your party and fend off other people assassins and stalkers work best for these roles as they can go invisible and scout the perimeter around your party of course you can still do MVP battle with a different set of jobs or classes but they really found a set of very comfortable and balanced in terms of offense and defense now let's go to the actual gameplay so when you're first teleported in the map there is currently a bug where some party members will not be in the party so the first thing you want to do is tree party and regroup talk to your party beforehand and agree on what MVP or mini boss to want so once you're in the match you don't have to worry about it the first thing you need to do after you've settled in is to look for your target after that your time should drag the monster to one of the many corners in the game take note that your party has a set spawn point so dragging the monster to that corner where you respawn when you die is a very good strategy as when you die you can just respawn and instantly get back into possession saving your priest a couple of blue gems as well as the skill cooldowns being in a corner it's very ideal in this situation because you don't have to worry about random people coming in from all directions this is also to make sure that you know where your enemies will come from in their party defender will have an easier time because he doesn't have to cover more ground having only one party defender is more than enough since other people will most likely not have untied and human equips on since they are there for the same reason to kill MVPs and mini-bosses which means that most people inside the MVP battle have the regular monster hunting equipment on so again back yourself up in a corner just like this and you're good to go talking about role as a tank preferably paladin or an off tank Lord Knight you want to continuously use thought to keep the MVP or mini-bosses away from your damage dealers and priests as a priest you want to continuously have buffs up heal and resurrect when needed be careful of both monsters and players as you're a top target of the opposing parties as a damage dealer you want to continuously keep up DPS make sure to position your character in a way where enemies will easily reach you as you're a hot target for opposing parties as well as a party defender your main rule is to scout the area behind your party and make sure no one tries to engage with your party if there are multiple attackers remember to target the ones that are easier to heal first one quick tip if you are trying to form a specific MVP once you've killed that MVP in your current match you could leave and queue for another match so you can use up all four of your MVP limit on that specific MVP during one of the past MVP battles Garn was one of the monsters in the list so what people did was kill guard leave the match riku for another match kill garm again and so on until they have four kilos of garm using the four limits on garm only this was actually the reason why the price of Faerie in battle and pang of karma decreased a bit most players hunted for garms and got those items as a reward so I guess that's it for this video I hope I helped you guys on this one once again this is Mill TV comment like subscribe and see you next time


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