Recording Studio & Facility Tour – Tall Poppy Productions 2017

Hey guys, I’m Gareth, this is Nathan from Tall Poppy Productions. We’re going to give you a quick tour of our facilities let’s go check
out of rehearsal room. So this is room three of our rehearsal rooms. We have 4 in total. Each room has custom-designed acoustic treatment with bass traps and absorption
of the walls. Each room comes with two microphones stands, 2 leads, and a PA that’s mounted on the roof so you guys get more clearance on the floor to
rehearse. The rooms are isolated from each other really well even if you’re
2 loud band’s next door we’re still be able to have this conversation and it would actually
sound pretty good. So let’s go check out what else we’ve got. Ok, so here we’ve got Ben from BTM Management. Hey Ben! How you going? Good mate! How are you? Ben does shows shows and booking tours anything to do with live entertainment so if you’re after a gig hit Ben up. Over here we’ve got Sarah from The Video Box she does a lot of video production and film that kind of stuff. And we’ve got another editing suite here for audio production, video production anything extra. Ok let’s
go through the studio So this is the main studio facility. Over here about the
most important piece of equipment which is the coffee machine. So I’m gonna make a
couple of coffees and Nathan’s going to show you guys through the tracking room. As you can see we’ve got a large space tracking here. It’s 10 meters long by 6
and meters wide and you can see that we’ve got a lot of acoustic
treatment on the walls here that are all interchangeable you can take them off
leave them on. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing rock metal country
jazz you can make the room sound however you like. At this end we’ve got
the 32 channels down this end that go straight to the console and this end
we’ve got 12 channels will come up on the patchbay so you can utilize our
outboard gear of gear, preamps, compresses and stuff like that along with a really good mic choice so you can get the signal chain that you want. Ok, so over here we have a guitar amp, and the guitar amp is linked to the Iso booths. So we can have a guitar player in here playing whilst having their cab isolated in the other room. Alright so lets go around the studio will show you how that
links up Perfect timing! Sweet man, thanks for that. This is the main control room,
through there’s the main tracking room where you go just work with it at first
isolation booth in here and got a second isolation booth through here here’s the
other end of what we was talking about before and track room with the isolation
booth with the guitar cab here link through the wall, mic’d up going straight to the
console into pro tools so we can keep the sound clean, free of any bleed,
drum bleed, vocal bleed in the room and isolate the sound. The control room features
our 32-channel Soundcraft console, what has 32 in and 24 returns. That’s hooked into our Pro Tools HD system which has 32 inputs 24 outputs to go to our main
monitoring but a bit of outboard gear with some compresses from these preamps and
things like that so the studio is very flexible whether you’ve just graduated
from SAE or maybe our home studio person or do a full-on professional that wants
to record you know thirty two things at once you can pretty much bring any
projects here that’s large or small

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