Rick and Morty Season 4 Teaser Trailer and Deleted Scene Easter Eggs Breakdown

Alright, there’s your precious toilet, Summer. We’ll wait outside Grandpa Rick! I’m not going to the bathroom on a fire hydrant. High maintanence You’re joking right? Hey I told you to go before we left. Just find a reality with a normal toilet. Ah, normal toilet. Go to town, Summer I’ll hold it till we get back to Earth. This is why I let Rick put a catheter in me Rick, Rick, you gotta come with me. You gotta come quick to the hospital Rick To the hospital? What are you talking about Morty? I’m trying to watch my TV show here. What are you talking about, going to the hospital Morty? You gotta come with me Rick, please please Rick because Jessica got hit by a car Rick She’s in the hospital right now. It’s not looking so good Rick. It’s not looking so good Calm down Morty. Just calm down and relax Can it wait till after Family Matters is over? Winslow Matters is about to scold his daughter Laura Matters over some sort of thing I’m really engaged by Listen R-Rick! Forget about all that show! We gotta go to the hospital Rick! No, th-the… This is some serious stuff! You gotta help me be- you gotta help me. You gotta use your science and help- you gotta help Jessica Nuh, du du du du du du du She-she- she’s the woman of my dreams She’s the woman of my dreams and she’s about to die Rick. She’s about to die. You gotta help me Rick Y-y-you gotta come to the hospital Rick. All right. All right, Morty fine fine fine Jesus Christ. All right, let’s go Morty. Let’s go to hospital All right Rick. There she is. She’s right there Rick. You gotta do something Rick You gotta do something. Alright Morty, shut the…mouth up. and let me figure something out here Lemme see…what can we do here… All right. I got an idea Morty. Here, put this on, put this- put this talky head vice-on, head device thing on All right, Rick. I’m putting it on. Okay now here I’m gonna put mine on Now I’m gonna shrink you down and I’m gonna inject you into her body Aw geez, Rick, you’re gonna put me inside of her body? Shrink me down? I mean, you know, I-I- I don’t know if I’m equipped for that Alright Morty, what do you want me to do? We’re either gonna do-do this one way or we’re not gonna do it at all I’m gonna go back and watch Family Matters like I was doing B-B-Before you bothered me. Alright, alright, alright, Rick! Alright fine, you know you’re being a real son of a bitch Rick, you know You’re being a real… you really being a real piece of garbage right now Rick, you know You’re being a real, real jerk right now Rick. Just shrink me down and put me in her and tell me what to do Alright Morty, you know, here we go. Gonna shrink you down *sci fi sounds* Morty: woaaah
Rick: all right All right Morty now I’m gonna inject you into her arm here, all right. There you go Morty can you hear me? Yeah Rick I can hear you It’s crazy in here Rick. It’s crazy in here. There’s all kinds of things floating around Oh yeah Morty I bet you there’s a lot of whole kinds of things floating around. Hey, what do you know Morty? There’s a TV s-set in here. I wonder if Family Matters is still on. What are you talkin about Rick?? Oh, oh it is! It’s still on Morty I think they’re in the third act I’m floating around in Jessica’s bloodstream and you’re… You’re gonna watch TV?? Ah, I love- I love that… Winslow Matters… The way he handles things You know he’s uh- he’s a cop, right Morty- Please, Rick, please! There’s a giant white thing floating towards me. Yeah yeah yeah Morty, relax. I’ll tell you what to do So float upstream a little bit and tell me when you get to the heart valve. Alright Rick, uhhh I’ll try my best here Rick! Ohh geez, hey, you know Morty, you know, I- uh, it’s kind of strange but Family Matters was actually a spinoff of the movie Die Hard Rick: Uh, Winslow Matters, the father,
Morty: *screaming* Rick: ..he was actually the cop in Die Hard
Morty: *still screaming* Welcome back everyone, it’s Charlie. We have new Rick and Morty season four to talk about. A special deleted scene, and a couple of new versions of Rick and Morty that they revealed, because of what’s going on in New York Comic Con next week So we’ll break it all down. I’ll be doing Rick and Morty episodes and easter-egg videos all season long So if you’re brand new to the channel, be sure to subscribe to get everything. I also do merch giveaways every week I’ll explain at the end of the video The footage starts with them taking Summer to another reality because she just needs to find a toilet I guess they came from a reality where there is no bathrooms but the first one they go to looks like the reality that Snuffles took all the intelligent dogs to at the end of Lawnmower Dog in season 1 episode 2 They just packed up and took off to another reality to form their own society That’s why everything in here is dog themed. Some of it seems kind of nostalgic, too and the dog behind them is walking on two legs washing its hands in the sink and looking at them like she’s Scandalized that they just appeared out of nowhere in the women’s bathroom So even though Rick is kind of playing a joke on Summer here, he was nice enough to take her to a woman’s room I guess this wall art is meant to be a classic like this is what our culture used to be We used to sniff each others butts like this all the time It is a little bit weird that they’re still using fire hydrants instead of using traditional toilets that take their business away But maybe there’s some complicated trapdoor system as part of these, if they are super smart they probably found a way to do it. The next joke being that Rick takes her to another reality that’s purely based on toilet culture This is kind of another continuation of the joke in Close Encounters of the Rick kind where they’re running through dimensions to escape the Citadel of Rick’s and they run through one of the dimensions that’s a bunch of intelligent chairs with humans as the furniture This time is toilets that rule this culture but humans are still somehow the furniture because you have these human design toilets. They’re all staring straight ahead. They don’t blink. So it’s hard to tell if these humans are intelligent. They have a condom dispenser on the wall, but because they’re for intelligent toilets They’re called “Commodoms” as in commode The news board on the wall is called The Daily Clog The motivational poster on the wall is a reference to toilets never being clogged, “Always Running” There’s a baby changing station but it’s for changing baby bowls as in toilets for babies There’s old timey art of a clown toilet from the depression on the wall and instead of traditional toilet paper, they have little hands on sticks for cleaning themselves and plungers. From the look of this toilet with the long eyelashes it also seems like this is meant to be a women’s toilet room for women toilets. Weird that the versions of these toilets and sinks are dudes then, if this is meant to be a women’s room. The final joke being that he takes them to the bathroom in what looks like this hellscape dimension where the women in the background kind of look like Cenobites from the Hellraiser movies. The red coloration in the rock formations also kind of makes it seem like this bathroom is inside a similar reality when they fought World Ender with the Vindicators during season 3 episode 4, and Rick gave them the Saw treatment. The real joke here though is that they’re at the worst possible reality you could go to, but, silver lining, they almost use the exact same style of normal toilets that Rick, Morty, and Summer are used to, like, here, here’s your normal toilet. It just happens to be in the worst possible reality. Of course, Summer freaks out, wants to hold it, and we learn that apparently Rick put a catheter in C-137 Morty to prevent him from having to take time away from adventures to go to the bathroom. I wouldn’t totally take that as canon though, the fact that Morty is walking around with the catheter in him this whole time, because we did see Morty use a bathroom in their house at the beginning of Pickle Rick in season 3 episode 3, which he wouldn’t need to do if he still had the catheter. Even if it is just a one-off joke, it seems kind of weird that he would be so proud of Rick putting a catheter in him The deleted scene is actually a super deep cut from Justin Roiland’s early early work on the show when he was trying to get it going at Adult Swim It was one of his auditions to prove to them that he could make the show. In it, Morty is desperately trying to get Rick to help him save Jessica’s life because she was hit by a random car and taken to the emergency room. But Rick doesn’t want anything to do with it because he’s watching the 90s sitcom Family Matters Except what they’re doing with the show is that they’re doing the thing where they sometimes explain a real-life TV show but do it in a nonsense way, as if the writers are acting like they purposefully don’t know what the show is actually about that they’re parodying. Winslow matters and his daughter Laura Matters. In one of the earlier seasons They did a Game of Thrones parody but they called it Tiny People, and it was all the main characters from Game of Thrones in the iron throne room, all short, and Tyrion Lannister standing in the middle, drawn super tall. Justin Roiland explained that that’s part of the bit, is that they explain it in a nonsense way as if they don’t actually watch the show, but most of them do actually watch these shows that they parody. The deleted scene is also meant to give you an early concept for the relationship dynamic between Rick and Morty, where Rick can barely be bothered to help Morty, but reluctantly agrees to do so, because despite what he says in his protest, he actually does genuinely care about Morty. You can see that they polished the animation on this a lot by the time this went to series because neither of them are drawn to their official character models, and the living room configuration is vastly different. You also notice that there’s a special transition between scenes. They don’t actually do that in Rick and Morty episodes. Then Rick shrinks Morty down and sends him into Jessica’s bloodstream, an idea that they would later replicate during Anatomy Park in season 1 episode 3 when Rick shrunk Morty down and they did their Jurassic Park parody. Then Rick tries to sell Morty on the concept that Family Matters is actually a Die Hard spin-off, because the same actor appeared in both projects: Reginald VelJohnson. All while Morty seems like he’s being consumed alive by an intelligent white blood cell. Moving into more season 4 news though, if you’re going to New York Comic Con in the next week as I’m posting this video, apparently they’re gonna be selling new Rick and Morty season 4 toys, but it’s Shrimp Rick and Shrimp Morty. So apparently we’re gonna see these two versions of the characters during season 4, either Rick and C137 Morty crossed paths with them in an episode, or at the Citadel, or they themselves are turned into shrimps for some reason. Also, recently one of the writers on the show, Jeff Loveness, just finished his work on season four. He posted all these pictures of his scripts that he had done. He did season 4 episode 1, episode 6, episode 7, episode 8, and apparently season 5 episode 1. Someone on reddit actually tried to scan and invert the scripts to read the text beneath the pages, but they were only able to discover that episodes 8 title seems to be My Cancelled Vacation, which doesn’t sound like a typical Rick and Morty episode title, so they might actually change that before this episode airs. Season four is confirmed to be 10 episodes, and for right now, it seems like Adult Swim is just gonna air 10 episodes per season, every year, which works out to ten total seasons of Rick and Morty. That doesn’t mean that they’re gonna cancel the show after 10 seasons, it just means that they have to renew their contract again after that, and Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland did say that they would continue making the show as long as they possibly could. Right now it seems like Rick and Morty season 4 episode 1 is gonna officially premiere November 17th on that Sunday night, because Adult Swim is doing a big festival on the 15th and 16th, right before that, where they’ll screen the first episode early. Like I said, I’ll be doing easter egg videos, episode videos, all season long. If you have any bonus videos that you really want me to make, or theories you want me to do videos about, just let me know in the comments below. I will be doing merch giveaways in all my Rick and Morty videos. All you have to do to enter those is just be a subscriber, and leave your best Rick & Morty season 4 theory. Congratulations Benjamin Wayman. You’re the giveaway winner from my last Rick and Morty video. Please email me on the about page of my channel, so I can get your details. Everybody click here for my last Rick and Morty season 4 thanksgiving trailer, and click here to learn how Marvel just got Spiderman back in the MCU from Sony. Thank you so much for watching, everybody. Stay awesome. I’ll see you guys tonight

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  1. Here's my new Rick and Morty Season 4 Teaser Easter Eggs, Deleted Scene and new characters coming to season 4! Post all your theories in the comments!


    Damn, Rick is so smart he knows the show is gonna have at least 9 seasons

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  4. Just like rick said back in season one their will be 9 seasons of Rick and Morty well there better be!! But there should be 22 or 23 like South Park because Rick and Morty is way funnier than South Park. But hey I do love my South park too just not as much as Rick and Morty

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  7. Season 4 will end with the Citadel of Rick's being run by Evil Morty. Season 5 is when we'll start to see more of his schemes to get back at his previous Rick

  8. Do a theory about evil Morty possibly related to ricks first Morty And also the president Morty and how he’s going to take over the citadel of Ricks and how it’s gonna affect so-called Rick C 31

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  14. I could easily see “evil Morty“ actually being an additional surrogate cyborg, just as his “Rick“ was, And the real Rick is controlling the surrogate cyborg Morty ( as a relay station), who is controlling the surrogate cyborg Rick. I see this for the reason that Rick made a reference to that type of scenario in season three episode 10. Rick mentions “you don’t know what I am, You don’t know what I can do, I’m Doctor Who in this [bleep]. I could be a clone I could be a hologram, we could be cones controlled by robots controlled by special headsets that the real Rick and Morty are wearing while they’re [bleeping] your mother…”

    Also, Rick was all too familiar & made multiple references with knowing how to set up a matrix of Mortys to shield his brain waves ( in theory/ on paper.)

    Possibly with an elaborate/Overkill objective of taking over the citadel and destroying it permanently throughout the multi-verse.

  15. Just think In a couple more year they might put out season 7 .. oh wait 4 I forgot it’s taken them 5 years to drop 2 seasons .. show kinda lost its hype after all the waiting so many new ones have come in and can actually write a hit season and here’s the shocker .. it comes out every year like every show but this one

  16. My Rick and Morty theory: We will see Evil Morty (or his influence) again real soon. I also hope Mister Meeseeks is back somewhere along the way!!

  17. Offhandedly, Rick isn't far off by saying that Family Matters is a Die Hard spin-off ! I just never really noticed that, even though I'm a hard core Die Hard fan and I'm into Family Matters. Who knew ?! Also, I think that somehow C134 Morty replaces regular Morty but as to how or why I haven't reached a conclusion. I have still to watch Season 3 and have no cable. Alas.

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    Edit: I rarely pay attention to episode names of anything, in fact, my favorite show Supernatural, I could probably only tell you the names of 7 or 8 shows, despite recording multiple daily viewings of it and mostly because of certain things, like Hell House, because of all of the nods to Blue Oyster Cult for example. So, sorry for not referencing the name of the episode above.

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