很久很久以前 波斯人進犯 接受利奧尼達的召集 斯巴達人起身反抗 手足兄弟們並肩作戰 對抗命運的部落 熱血充滿古希臘之心 溫泉關呼喊著戰士 最後一役 擋住波斯大軍 長矛刺出 組成銅牆鐵壁 直到戰死 而後英魂永存 為了斯巴達! 為了希臘! 一次又一次的歌頌三百壯士 殺光! 波斯! 死亡與榮耀 斯巴達人永不退縮! 日落時刻 在陰影下殺敵 箭雨遮蔽陽光 今晚我們在地獄大吃大喝 叛徒之口 敵人知曉 秘密小徑 他的惡名 將永遠流傳 為了斯巴達! 為了希臘! 一次又一次的歌頌三百壯士 殺光! 波斯! 死亡與榮耀 斯巴達人永不退縮! 為了斯巴達! 為了希臘! 一次又一次的歌頌三百壯士 殺光! 波斯! 死亡與榮耀 斯巴達人永不退縮!

100 thoughts on “SABATON – Sparta (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

  1. Now look at our times, no challenge, soy boys everywhere, white race oppresed by inferrior life forms, fuck… we are pathetic, shadows of our ancestors

  2. Ngl, I started a new save on Assassins Creed Odyssey just to blast this song during the prologue mission

  3. Ω ξειν, αγγέλλειν Λακεδαιμονίοις ότι τήδε κείμεθα τοις κείνων ρήμασι πειθόμενοι
    (Traveller, tell the Spartans that we are buried here, obeying their orders)

    The sign on the Spartans burial mound in Thermopylae (Translated as Hotgates), which is also badass.

  4. Ma ei tea kuidas teile meeldib aga 2022 tuleb eestile ullatus euro on 100%eesti valuuta. ..teised riigid lahkuvad euro. Jah mina joonistasin eestile jaa Teine halb uudis eesti saab 2025 endale kaubandus platform UNSC trade floor. Tartus it poisid jaa tudrukud nihelevad aga kannatust. Ma pole veel siin lopetanud. Olge kannatlikumad.

  5. Everyone is talking about how Persians would dislike this song while I'm here enjoying the song.
    To everyone who thinks we hate Greece and it's people: WE DO NOT! As a Persian I love Greece, it's people and it's rich history and I have a high respect for those soldiers and warriors who died in war to protect their country and their people. May they rest in peace in Elysium.

  6. I image this song comes on when you are at high school and you teacher brings pizza and theres one piece left and theres 12 ppl who want it.

  7. Οι Έλληνες δεν παλεύουν σαν ήρωες οι ήρωες παλεύουν σαν Ελληνες

  8. Such a short time…

    The Greek-Persian Wars started in 499 BC. Thermopylae happened only 19 years later.

    Alexander the Great started the conquest of Asia in 336 BC, 170 years after the Greek-Persian wars.

    And in 146 BC, Greece was conquered by the Romans, who were just a city state starting to spread it's influence in central Italy at the time of Alexander…

  9. Mighty European men, use this song as our battle cry to Drive out All the Islamic muslims out of Europe!!!! Assasinate our poor leaders who welcome and protect these monstrous infidels.

  10. I tried introducing Sabaton to a few I was sure would like them. They didn't seem to care for them.
    How can you not love the epic-ness that is Sabaton?

    Some men are just weak.
    If I have to go into battle. Just give some ear buds with any random Sabaton track playing in them. I'll either be victorious, or die gloriously. I know I won't be stumbling around looking for my own arm.

  11. Well the problem was actually that they didn’t head leonidas call so the king went with 300 good men to stop Persia knowing that his death would force war on Sparta I don’t think he ever expected the success he had and the success he could of had if there were no traitors

  12. Although I like Sabaton, I think they have no Idea, What Persian history
    even means! before keeping the European side to humiliate Persian
    History, they must have read Persian history and its prosperous effects
    on humanity by writing the first human right in the world to not call
    Persians slaughter.

  13. When you are playing as byzantine in a byzantines vs persians team match in age of empires 2… and you only have a town center and some champions and halberdiers left.

    Still you rekt half of their war elephants and cavalry archers army before surrendering.

  14. From the greatest empire in the world to a Greek (Alexander) burning down their greatest city (Persapolis) and conquering their empire.

    The Greek truly are warriors, not just Sparta. If only the Greek could kick out the Trks from Cyprus. Illegal invasion…

  15. Sabaton are the bards of our Era. Every period of time has it's own musicians to preserve the stories of epic gestures, but the heroes in the songs will remain the same.

  16. If Deemon exist then God takes he's place and says slaves are you wanna be free then take pope blood today and paint Rome like never before

  17. Teacher : So , we will be visiting Greece next week.

    Girls : Oh the beaches are perfect!

    Boys :

  18. Spartans make Nazis look like choir boys but everyone loves Spartans because their glory is over 2000 years away…
    BRB throwing "unfit" babies off cliffs, completely militaristic society where everything is about 3 things: Breeding, killing, and the survival of the tribe.
    They did save all of Greece from the Persians though…

  19. Absolutely great song, love it……..even if I think Greece would have been better off under Persian leadership

  20. What is your duty?
    "To serve the Emperor's will."
    What is the Emperor's will?
    "That we fight and die."
    What is death?
    "It is our duty."
    -Space Marine litany, aka the offbrand Spartans

  21. after 2500 years Greeks become some gay pussy and suck German dicks to be alive and we the Persians roal the middle east and attack usa

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