100 thoughts on “SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) – Hug (포옹) (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

  1. 오늘 스트레스 정말 많이 받은 우울한 날이였는데 이 노래 듣고 정말 위로 받는 느낌이 들어서 펑펑 울었어요 고마워요 노래로 위로해줘서 고마워요 듣고 싶은 말을 이쁜 가사로 써줘서

  2. After the news of coups, I'm crying while listening this song. I really want coups know that carats always stay with him

  3. Seungcheol 😭😭😭 you were my first love when it comes to kpop. That will never change. Even though I became distant from seventeen lately I still want to be there for you and support you in these times where you need them the most. This comment wont come across you, but I will always pray for your well being …..😭❣️

  4. I'm not good at making friends HAHAHA funny right? ☹️

    it's not because I'm not good tho it's just people are hating me for no reasons.

  5. When nobody cares about me, when I don't feel loved, this song really helps me get through hard times. Thank you so much 🙂

  6. I need to sing this to our beautiful Seungcheol, even though, I sing horrible (lol) I just wanna let him know how much Carat loves and supports him. ♡♡♡

  7. 이 노래를 승철이가 들었으면 좋겠다.
    승철이 아프지말구 가사처럼 좀 캐럿들한테 기댔으면 좋겠다. 승철이의 빠른 쾌유를 기원한다❤️❤️

  8. 미치겠다 노래 가사보고 1시간 넘게 쳐운거는 처음이다..
    진짜 세븐틴..고마워 진짜로 노래 가사 하나하나가 진짜..위로 그 자체다
    진짜로 너무 고마워 별 같잖던 하루 따뜻하게 만들어줘서 고마워..

  9. I found this song before having my big exam. I never know the lyrics, but everytime i listen to this song, i cried. Listening to this song every night is one of the best decision i have done. This song is really comforting. Thank you woozi, our songwriter. And thank you seventeen.

  10. the part 0:00 to 0:27 is about the point of view of an individual going though a hard time on that time or any other day/time, and the rest is more like about them comforting that person though that kind of situation.

  11. This song always saves me when I'm having suicidal thoughts. This help me to relax. I just love how they are emphasizing that I did well, I am loved, I should not worry, and I should not be afraid because they are here for us. Thank you, seventeen for keeping me alive. ♥

  12. We are so blessed to have seventeen in our lives. They always find a way to touch me deeply with their lyrics. I hope they know how much carats love them and how precious they are. They work so hard and this song is so beautiful. I’ve been going through a touch time in my life for awhile and I used to harm myself because of it. Ever since I found seventeen I’ve stopped hurting myself. This song just comforts me and gives me the biggest hug I need after a tough day. And I have my lovely seventeen to thank for that.

  13. wow, i never heard someone said "you've worked hard." even my parents.

    seventeen is the first person who was said that to me.

    "to me, you're very precious." i, never feel like im a very precious human. sometimes i think, "if i die is there someone who cry for me?"

    i always think i am useless. i should never born to this world.

    but svt change my mind. thank you.

    thank you.

  14. No soy Carat, pero estos chicos me enamoraron con esta canción. Fue tan hermosa que me puse a llorar. Hace mucho que no lloraba por una canción. Creo que en este año estoy mucho más feliz que en el 2018 y creo que me hubiera gustado escuchar esta canción durante el 2018. Me hubiera sanado mucho.

  15. Thank you for your hug today
    Everything is getting so hard on me
    But I will fight ,by all costs, until my last breath
    There comes a day when I can conquer this challenge and become more confident
    Please always stay by my side and watch me grow up

  16. The power that this song hold is no joke. Thank you Woozi, thank you Seventeen for being one of the reason why am I still alive. I always listen to this song whenever I had a bad day or hard time. And every single words in this lyrics are so relatable, it makes me feel slightly better just by listening to this song, I swear to God. For everyone who have a hard time too, let’s hug each other and hope this song also can help you to feel even better than before.

  17. The real lyrics aren’t “that I will hug u” it’s “ and that, I will hug u” it’s pronounced differently

  18. 너무 제 얘기 같아서 슬펐어요ㅜ(?)
    역시 세븐틴🖕❤❤❤❤💕💕😆💕💙

    캐럿이라 햄벅해욧.😆❤❤

  19. I start staning seventeen because of this song ~♥~ Before this song released, I already knew them and they make me laugh and cry♡♡ ( ̄3 ̄)

  20. I think “Hug” don’t like a song. It like a real Hug. Everytime I listen this song, I feel better. And everytime I hear it, I cry. Thank you, Woozi, Vocal team and SEVENTEEN. Guys, you are my sunshine, my smile. Love you❤️

  21. I listen to this song everytime I have a bad day or I feel bad and down and after listening, I feel so much better, thank you Seventeen, I'll always love you

  22. I hate the fact that this song really encourage me when I'm sad but makes me burst down in tears when I'm really stressed. I mean like, it's only three seconds into the song and I'm sobbing.

  23. This song makes me feel so calm and comfortable,, as if, you were melting in a way. And then, for a split second in the warmth of this song, it feels like everything is okay.

  24. Não tem uma música como esta. Eu sei porque essa música me faz sentir tão calma e parece curar minhas feridas, sabe? É como se por alguns minutos a dor que estou sentindo sumisse. Essa música me traz um bem estar tão grande.
    Eu sou tão grata por ter achado essa música!

  25. This song is my go-to for when I'm overwhelmed or stressed which sadly is quite often, but I very much appreciate WOOZI's songs that are very comforting❤

  26. I'm having a hard time in college, and sometimes I cry without even knowing why. By time to time I feel sad and I feel like giving up, this song is truly meaningful to me, I love to listen to this song whenever I feel bad, It really helps me. Seventeen are just angels who came to make our lives better.

  27. Now i doesn't really have a hard time…but while I heard this, i just remember all time that already passed …

    And i just remember,when I just scream inside me like i just wanna everything end,

    Sometime I just wanna hurt my self that maybe that I can avoid my inside pain.

    At momen joshua and jeonghan like having dialog, tear me up badly

    I just feel bad,I just knew this song recently

  28. To seventeen: thank you for singing this song so well. When I felt depressed I always listen to this song. You gave me virtual hug. I love you. Carat love you so much❤❤ a million words can't describe how much I love this song. I always cry when listen this song and my problem suddenly goes from my mind.
    Sorry for my English.
    Big love for u Sebong❤❤💎💎

  29. The fact is i have a friend but im not used to share my problem to them..even sometime i feel like i need someone to talk but i rather to keep it myself..im crying alone..nobody knows if im hurt because i always show my smile face to others but the reality is im crying inside..i dont know why but sometime i feel alone and feel sad feel like i want to crying without any reason..seriously i dont know why..sorry its not like i want to get an attention but i just want to tell what i feel..😢

  30. This song just what i needed at this moment, idk what should i do with my problem, i'm scared, i don't have anyone to talk about this…

  31. i heard this today at gda and immediately came here to listen to it after asking about the name💗 its beautiful and i’ll come here whenever i feel down and need strength. even tho idk you guys, but thank you seventeen ❤️

  32. this song, i listen to this song everytime im sad and experience panic attacks. im not a carat but this helps me a lot.

  33. This song just gave me a virtual hug. It made me feel more at ease. Thank you WOOZI and SEVENTEEN.❤️

  34. I love how us carats can find happiness in seventeen. We all go through tuff times and seventeen helps with that. Ps im also a sobbing mess

  35. Everyone's saying all these meaningful stuff in the comment section, while there's just me thinking about how I can never take this song as seriously as before

    Because woozi on a horse

  36. So fun fact this song made me a carat and Stan seventeen. I’m still new to them, so if you can recommend me any songs or other videos by them, that would be helpful thank youu 💗

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