Sick RapTrap Beat | Hard Rap Instrumental 2019 (prod. Haku)

[Musique] oh ah ah [Musique]

39 thoughts on “Sick RapTrap Beat | Hard Rap Instrumental 2019 (prod. Haku)

  1. yeah we a disappointment to the globe,
    rich got their appointments and robes when the poor just sleep on the street, with their life on repeat, they got nothing to eat and nothing on their feet, with rich white kids go do doors for trick and treat, and they play ball in the street, allowance on the repeat,
    5 star meals to eat, with their J's on thier feet given as a sorry because your father works 12 hours days, death to the gays, complain with the airplane delays, cuz they ain't so fly, sad they dont have instant wifi, when the blacks got an instant drive by, daddy left for the babies and mommas to cry, maybe brother in the streets ready to die, sister hoeing with a tat on her thigh,
    maybe I'll just hang myself cuz I dont want to try

    ma ma ma merica just killing humanity,
    ma ma ma merica kids talking with profanity,
    ma ma ma merica people get caught up in their own vanity,
    ma ma ma merica mom abort kids causes with insanity

    yea yea yea kill the orange guy we call president,
    his wife foriegn kick them out, ain't no resident, non guilty blacks getting shot from the fez again, guys scared to ask girls they not confident, guys look like girls makes me hesitant, aye yeah America really does run on dunkin, fat kids in class talking back and flunken,
    white blonds Starbucks for the pumpkin, moms get beat by fathers of the drunken,
    cant go outside yeah they feel stuck in,
    wants abortions they dont want that son in, lifes full of traffic cant stop honkin,
    little accident hands start punchin,
    America's got no peace just a short fuse, oh no only wins we can lose, if we do we shoot like the ball watch the blood ooze, from our fellow citizen, now we alone on an island like Gilligan, when all we needed was patience and a little discipline

    ma ma ma ma merica only does it for the money,
    ma ma ma ma merica does it to bring home the honey,
    ma ma ma ma merica creates single moms I dont think it's funny
    ma ma ma ma merica sad they got thier Caine nose runny

    yea yea daddy just brought home the new Lincoln, while my friends dads blowing his brain like Lincoln, and scientists just care for the link in evolution, that bugging me like a Beatle start a revolution, just got pins and needles breathing in this pollution, making it illegal to shoot down an eagle, represents all of our people,
    when all of us were created equal,
    but we separated like a bunch of skittles, but we will shoot you down like we lethal,
    got you scared positioned in a fetal,
    yeah ya baby schools dont need any bullies,
    or teachers sleeping with kids we bunch of rookies,
    why be judged wearing black hoodies,
    probably because everyone scared of another Columbine, but just got my phone, no gat on my waistline, daddy in jail but that not in my bloodline,
    but maybe I'll be the next goldmine,
    a hero or a villain you can call me Frankenstein.

    ma ma ma ma merica is just ticking like C4,
    ma ma ma ma merica probably gonna start the next world war,
    ma ma ma ma merica used to it they've done it before,
    ma ma ma ma merica has 14 year old whores

    yeah yea kids having babies, talk about it they get wild like they got rabies,
    and then they probably kill the newborn,
    then they wanna kill themselves cuz they have no one to warn,
    big bro not listening he just watching new porn,
    sparkling and beautiful glistening death but no one wants to morne,⁹ babies drama,
    when all of them should before she becomes a goner,
    she gonna feel like her family paralyzed,
    then she commits a little self genocide,
    now people wonder why they think of suicide, it's because America doesn't care they just a little hypnotized.

  2. Only thing I wear round my waist is the heat/ i ont floss wit no gucci belt in the street/ I get too much attention to wanna bring attention to me/ thats my word that I'mma keep/ Drop bombs like Nagasaki on the beat/ You can't clone me or make a carbon copy of me/ I'm stalky upbeat, Who gonna pop these MC's/ who's the King Kong that brought C4 to our kingdom/ me son/ I woke up in a bad mood for no reason/ late 16's to early 19's that wasn't no rap era/ you gettin your music played was a rap error/ you need to learn to rap better/ I'm a surgeon in the black sweater/ dispatchem in bags of plastic by a mountain from the back of a classic/ laughin funny to see the body bags bouncin and heads crackin/ somewhere in Aspen is a psycopath gaspin/ some bitch jet lagged is broke down and he's pullin up on her as it happened/ blacks out then/ wakes up covered in blood// loose planks hidden under his mama rug/ he choked the bitch like a slut/ cuz lil billy ain't get no love/ pushed away cuz the drugs/ before puberty he would cut/ watch blood run like Josh Jacobs/

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