Stab Unjust (Instrumental Recreation) – Persona 5 Royal x Star Ocean: Anamnesis

“Whatever you want I’ll give it to you
whatever you need I’ll get it for you” That’s what those shady ones
love to say they’re so deceitful Stories untold until they leave you
in the cold corner It’s messed up how these back stabbers
kill and control those orders Trusting nobody
like Mafioso Boss Daddy Suspicious my surroundings are they
all paparazzis Damn am I going insane
my work’s getting sloppy Feeling cocky wanna drop
these copy cats in dark alley I knew it but I’m losing it
help my out I’m trapped in it Ain’t no stopping my train of thoughts
disoriented in many ways and I’m wishing That the worst of me
be gone from me the bigotry Insecure part of me
preventing me from having honesty yeah It’s easier said than done And I know it’s hard
I know I gotta make it happen but… I’m wishing If I can burn my bread give me power, give me strength
give me courage, give me faith to trust myself I’m sick of my weakness
the weak part of me Sick enough to step up
to really change me I’m fed up with all my doubts
second guessing my route My path my thoughts and
what I was really about Still somewhat scared to trust
but determined To go through this drought
not without my crew I’m gonna stop this nonsense
ready to contest to drop this concept Lack of confidence prying out of this
deep down from my subconscious Ain’t gonna let them fool me no more
they wanna mock us They wanna shock us they wanna drop us
such a pity to be so obnoxious You wanna rather stay down to the beat down Or would you rather wanna bring the fire
tear this roof up son yo G’s Up Those hyperbole
I’m dropping swords verbally Stabbing it mentally to them
’cause this feels right finally yeah That’s the truth I was trying to look away But you gotta face it man
you gotta face the truth I got my crew with me
to go forward yeah

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