Surveillance DVR Security Camera Motion Detection Recording Setup

iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs can be setup to
record when video motion is detected by security cameras. To set-up motion detection recording, select
record setup from the main menu. These DVRs support traditional motion recording
and also intensive motion detection recording. On the motion recording screen, the recording
resolution, frames per second, and compression quality can be individually be set for each
camera. If any of the security cameras have an audio
microphone associated with it, audio recording is enabled here. Also on this screen is where the pre and post
recording times are set. Intensive motion recording allows you to setup
separate settings for continuous and motion detection recording. Intensive motion recording is typically setup
to record at a lower frame rate during continuous recording and maximum frame rate when motion
is detected. This helps conserve hard drive space. To setup motion detection areas for each security
camera, select system setup from the main menu. Then select motion sensor from the camera
menu. On the motion sensor screen, I select edit
area for the camera that I want to configure. By default, the entire screen is selected
for motion detection. Using the mouse, I right click then de-select
all to clear the motion area. Next, I left click on the mouse and drag to
select the motion detection zone that I want to setup. Next, I right click to access the menu, then
select sensitivity. ON this screen, you can configure different
sensitivity levels for day and night times. You can right click to bring up the menu to
select a different camera. This camera is not detecting motion so I am
going to set the sensitivity higher. The blue squares on the screen indicate motion
is detected. This is helpful when setting the sensitivity
levels. When I am done. I right click and select save and exit. To search and playback motion detection recordings,
select search from the main menu. The timeline on the search screen indicates
times of motion detected recording with the blue bars. Using the timeline scrubber, I can select
a time then click playback. The recorded video begins to playback starting
at that point in time. On the playback screen, I can select different
screen views. There are also video player controls that
let me play the video in forward and reverse using normal and faster playback speeds. I can also pause the video. When I am done, I return to the live camera
view by selecting live from the main menu. To learn more about iDVR-PRO surveillance
DVRs, please visit Thank you for watching.

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