Tanita BC-543 Body Composition Monitor Unboxing / Basic Setup / Review

okay hi guys welcome back to the weight loss and training blog it's Friday the 28th of December 2012 and today is update day so I'll be getting that done later on but I just thought I'd let you see the new equipment that I'm going to be using for doing that I got the tanita bc-549 scales it's not the top of the range one but it has to be quite good so I'm going to start using that I guess the results on this will probably be slightly different than the ones on the professional equipment that I was using to weigh myself at work but but we'll see so yeah I'll do a quick unboxing of it now so we can see what's in there I'll get it up and running and show you guys the the first set of figures from this and this is what I'll be using there and it makes it a lot easier actually I guess to keep track of it at home in my own you know in my own bathroom or ever and and not have to go into work and the other things doing it at work if I'm not there or if it's busy or if I can't get into the rooms I can't get the keys it makes it over pain so that's one of the other reasons that I haven't been every week every time there's a report video I haven't able to put the results in but hopefully now I'll be able to keep track of it and and keep everyone a bit more up-to-date and obviously once you using one thing all the time yeah it might give in a slightly different ways or a slightly different body fat on the first one but then I guess it's just a reference anyway so so yeah I'll go through the unboxing now and then show you guys it in action and just say I'll put the results of later ok so what's in the box we've cut it open okay cool so set batteries it's always good multi-language instruction manual another set of batteries it takes four by the sounds of things so it's good to see there we go so there you go nice and smart as you can see piece of glass feels pretty solid actually which is wicked I think these are the little electrode plates in fact it looks like it's built into the glass over the top so that's cool a few stickers which we'll take off but yeah I'll have a quick check of the instruction manual pop the batches in and then show you guys it running in the first set of results okay so the first thing to do to get up and running is to flip the scales over remove the battery compartment feels pretty flimsy but there we go and then insert the four batteries it says slickery battery cover back on then you move up to the weight selector switch it goes from pounds on this side kilos in the middle and stones and pounds on the far side I want it in kilos so I'm going to pop that into the center okay guys we bought the unit onto a hard surface now so we're in my kitchen apologies if the sound isn't particularly great in here I didn't think you'd want to be surrounded and by my toilet at the bathroom and stuff so so there we go I'm just gonna run through setting the unit up for the first time so should be fairly simple so press set you can see it flashing one two three four so we need to select a personal number so I'm going to select one for myself press set scroll up and down to set the age I'm 29 so 29 and set then at the top it flashes and at the moment it's on male you can press the up and down arrows for female athlete male athletes female and male so that's set as well again scroll to the height so I'm 178 press set and that's now set in the user number one I'm going to turn the unit off and now it's it's asleep and then we'll run through a the first readings okay so going to take the first set of figures from the scales now it says in the manual that you have to do it with pretty much no clothes off so that's what I've gone for so you don't like feet you probably want to look away now first of all I'm going to press one because that's my personal number it runs through these details and then zeros itself step on to the scales and you put your heels on the center of the pads at the back it settles down it's a seven point seven as the weight and it's now putting the current through your body to account your body fat percentage and there we go twenty point to all writing guys that say a quick video on the tanita bc-549 so how it sandboxed how it comes in the box and how to set it up very briefly and run through a few settings I'm just gonna have a look through the manual because I think I fall in the range because the amount of training that I'm doing at the moment to put on some Male Athlete so I'll change that and then and see what that does cuz yeah those results are probably a little bit off from what I've been getting but there you go as I say it's just a reference I guess and as you train more and lose body fat then that that number comes down and if you measure yourselves on the same thing every time then it gives you an idea of what's going on I suppose so so yeah I'll have a look at that and then as I say the actual results from this week will go up in the report video from this week the scales can do so many other things though obviously I just went through weight and body fat then but so body fat percentage but yeah there's a big old booklet that comes tells you all the different bits but just as a guide it'll do your percentage of total body weight of water your visceral fat around your organs your bone mass muscle mass and physique rating you basal metabolic rates and metabolic age so you know as as far as sort of trying to get healthy and stay healthy goes I would say that it is probably and hopefully I'll find out as I go along and I'll let you know but a good way of assessing your fitness now and then assessing how you're training and how you die if you do things with that and change that how they affect in your fitness so yeah I'm saying hopefully the video has been useful please comment on it leave any questions that you may have I'll try and answer them as best I can as I get more experience with it and yeah subscribe to the channel for more updates and further videos to come cheers guys wait

16 thoughts on “Tanita BC-543 Body Composition Monitor Unboxing / Basic Setup / Review

  1. Not a very good video. Half of it and it was barely out of the box. You didn't show wther or not it had any app and wireless functionality to transmit to the app and how that worked. You didn't show all the figures eg visceral fat.

  2. Hi Matt,it's a long time since I saw the tanita 543 video and sent you a message.

    However, I still remember you from time to time.

    You seem to be a person with a lot of strength but at the same time you show great warmth in your videos.

    Well Mat, I want to wish you all the best for next year

    A warm hug from one of your youtube admirers!

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  4. How has it held up over the years and is there a chart or something to help you determine if to use athlete or not? BMR too that's exceptionally helpful!

  5. Nice video, I wonder if someone tell me the memory.  How many persons can use it to be able to trace the data back?

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  8. Hi Matt, thanks for the review. After having it for a while, what do you think of the scale and its BF% functions? Did you find it accurate in tracking changes over time?

  9. Hi – great vid – just what I was looking for in my search for some decent scales. My old Tanita is on it's way out but I love them so considering these as an upgrade – few quick questions… My current Tanita has the 1234 user modes too, but there is a basic version where you just switch it on and get on it (say if someone else was just wanting to check their weight) and it displays just weight.
    1, Does this do that too? (Might be a stupid question but best to ask…)
    2, And also – have you weighed say a handful of times in a row and got the same results?
    3, Have you tried it on carpet versus the bathroom/kitchen? Does it have constant results on each surface? My main reason is that i plan on just using in one spot in the bedroom that is carpetted.

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