Tascam DR07 / DR40 Stops recording after 5 seconds

so if your Tascam is only recording for
five seconds or so you may have auto record enabled. So if
you go to menu and get down to
record-settings, press okay and then go right down to you or to
auto-rec make sure the mode is off – there’s a bug
without a record mode at the moment which makes it stop recording after five
seconds so make sure that auto-record is off

26 thoughts on “Tascam DR07 / DR40 Stops recording after 5 seconds

  1. Thanks! I've used my DR40 for about 2 years, and just ran into this problem. Your tip solved it immediately, but I have no idea how/when I turned on Auto Record.

  2. Total nightmare machine. ow long have they been making recording units? If didnt have internet access to this video I never would have made it to the gig tonight with a new recording backing. This and lots of other issues like 1 second screeching feedback beginning and end of your track and refusal to store files on your PC without the new updates, again which you need an expert to tell you. afflict this machine. Don't buy it unless you like headaches.

  3. Stupid tascam can't even do a proper user manual and I have to watch videos to figure out the features of this device.

  4. this is the best tutorial video on youtube straight to the point and gives me a solution in less than 30 seconds 5 STARS BUDDY!

  5. the most useless feature ever. Recorded a 15 min video and found afterwards that we only got the first 5 seconds of each recording.. had to use audio from the substandard directional on-microphone instead of expensive lavalier..

  6. thank you very much.
    i got one off eBay and I thought i git a dud
    and the price was so low maybe they thought they were unloading a dud
    you saved me a huge headache

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