The Great Outdoors – Part 3 (Instrumental Health – A Mental Health Documentary Series)

[Music] Throughout the country, the RSPB will be running activities on their reserves. That could range from – We have a Baby Birds program here, which is for preschoolers, so mums and dads and toddlers come along. If the weather is good we’ll do outside activities with them like pond dipping, bug hunting. So there’s those kind of – We do a lot around children. But also for adults, there’s healthy walks. We’re doing a program of mindfulness. We started a trial of a practice called forest bathing, which is something that was developed in Japan and it’s very popular in Korea as well. And that is simply encouraging people to come along and sit within a natural environment, sit within the forest, sit within a greenspace. They’re taken through exercises, mindfulness exercises, exercises that help them to connect with nature. We’ve got self-love, we’ve got a self-appreciation, we’ve got benefits of being outside in nature, outside meditation, and taking people through those techniques to find their true balance. Every year, we do something called the Big Wild Sleep Out. We do the Big Wild Pyjama Party. We’ll do campfire cooking. There’s been Nordic walking here. We’ve trialed outdoor yoga. So there’ll always be something. We do storytelling here, you know, on Halloween. We will have storytellers come along. So there’s always something throughout the seasons that will be available, and if you go on the RSPB website, you just have to put in your postcode, find out where your nearest reserve is and we put up events all the time for those reserves. So that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re saying to people “Come along. Enjoy that space”

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