The Music In You – Part 7 (Instrumental Health – A Mental Health Documentary Series)

[Music] This interview could save someone’s life. I mean, that’s how important what we’re doing is. Sometimes we under look it or we undermine it, but it’s really that important. You never know. This could get shared on someone’s Instagram. Someone that’s about to harm theirself could see it. I could say something that could spark something in their mind. This time that we’re in now, it’s gonna help and save so much lives, because the conversation is being had, and sometimes that’s what people – Sometimes you just need to hear one word, one word can flick your switch. It just takes one sentence, so I feel like it’s important for us to keep having this conversation. It’s important for people to keep sharing their stories. It’s important for people to share how they felt when they was in depression or going through mental health. It’s important for people to share how they got out of it. Just give people all perspectives so people can grab what they can grab and use it in a positive way and hopefully change theirself for the better. Find a journal. Write about it. Write about it. Even if you don’t have to show anyone – just for yourself. Just to get it out your system. I think it’s all about getting it out your system and not letting it, you know, fester inside you. Getting it out of your system is the most important thing. So if you can get it out by talking to a friend, do that. If you can get it out by making a painting about it, do that. If you can get it out by writing a song, which I do, do that. If you can get out by just writing it in a journal, whatever you do, get it out of your system, is the message. My women friends, they just vent out of nowhere. I’ll just see do-do-do-do on my WhatsApp. What’s this about? What have I done? And it’s just like a vent. Men don’t do that. It’s like a taboo thing for us, and it’s another program that we’ve had from like young – not venting our feelings and not speaking. And that’s dangerous. I know. I’ve bottled in so much things. Thank God I’ve got music and I can just vent. It’s only now that I’m starting to see other people speak, and it’s inspired me to speak, and I hope that I can do the same and inspire other people to speak. Times are changing. I get messages every single day of people sharing their stories and speaking up more. People are speaking, and more people will speak, so yeah, it’s looking bright.

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