The ODER – Music Video 🎵

Fear in the atmosphere I breathe Revolution against the system Wooooaaah *echos of wooooooaaaaah* lol Nothing of the future left for you Until we build up enough resistance resistance Losing….faith was…. A reaction to you miscalculation Waiting to watch the world burn Waiting to watch the world… BUUUURNNNN!! Until we build up enough resistance A reaction to your miscalculation *Jennas dying* Fear in the atmosphere

100 thoughts on “The ODER – Music Video 🎵

  1. I hope you all are enjoying the holidays! If you want a chance to be in the next part as a background character, make sure to subscribe and comment me your Roblox username!

  2. It would be cool if people could be in part 2 also i allready sub to you so IT WOULD BE A DREAM TO BE IN PART 2 AND EVRYONE ELSE! YEET


    By the way, I would love to be in the next music video! I'm really interested! If you want here is my username: Hobi_stansBts
    Love ya both !!!!❤💜💚

  4. I'd Really Apreeciate it of I could be in the next ODer movie!
    I'm also fine of being left out or even a minor character!
    Username: Jaws_Killdrill (it's Exactly as you see it)

    Nice video aswell!
    I enjoyed how Jenna hit her head by leaping into the Wall!
    Edit: 1:07

  5. Wow!I really loved this one too!I'm saying too because I saw the other oder music video on Pankayz channel!If you didn't see it,check it out!Look up "Pankayz oder music video", and it will pop up!Of u saw it and liked it, like my comment!<3

  6. I loved it Zero!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Love your vids!!❤️❤️❤️

    Roblox username: MariaGamerPro_42

    Don't bully me bc of my name please :"c

  7. I actually really loved the fact that this animation is based on the Oder movie not some different clip or movie. I Hope you can post part 2!!

  8. We need a part 2 Asap and I want a part in it

    Username is: Aesthetici_i

    Unlike all these other people in chat I feel like I'm the only noob

  9. I really enjoyed the ODer series 😀
    You are underrated you need more subs
    Username: wolfpupdrew0527


  10. Zero I just want to say you are amazing! I love you soo much! I'm going to be a yt also! You've shown me nothing but confidence! And because of that I want you to be in my future videos with maybe pankayz also! Roblox User: PureLxvely, alrighty bye, be yourself! 😀

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