hello everybody my name is Shakespeare and welcome back to the channel it's good to see you back in one piece today I have another game land up for y'all today we will be playing composer now this is a quick horror narrative style choose your own adventure game our we've done games similar to this in the past and when I saw this one I was like heck yeah this could be a bit of fun so without further ado how about we just jump into it together guys shall we alright everybody I'm gonna be chilling down here today so everybody say hello because it seems like a majority of this game is gonna be up here and you know if I've got my thing up here then I'm just gonna be blocking your view and I can't be doing that so this is composure I guess pretty much I know that I've woken up look like I'm in a grave I don't know what's happening – I wanna yell for help bro and try and get up I'm gonna try and get up cuz if someone's put me in this grave and I yell for help they're just gonna be like boy time to finish the job I try and get up hello are you here to help me mr. mr. scary man I bet he's just oh you go oh hey you're still alive well haha well this is awkward I'm sure you're wondering where you are and what's going on since this definitely isn't a place you were last well know last thing I remember I was in the shower were you in the shower – did you steal me from the shower are you do you even remember anything no last thing I remember I was eating my pop-tarts in peace heeey dad you stole me from my pop-tarts sir oh wait hang on a second he's talking down here he's – he's talking down with my head is let's move that back up again okay maybe it is better having me up here everybody say hello I'm sorry but I don't think I have the guts to physically try and kill you again I mean I did the first time but not the second time around the sound that the shovel made when I passed it on your head is still bothering me ow what did I do you hang on is he gonna explain what I did how's your head feeling so long yeah a little bit feels like I'm sorry feels like I just hitting the head with a shovel actually well I guess I didn't hit you hard enough anyways are you relying on killing me with one hit from a shovel I'm not a murderer if that's what you're thinking technically not yet but you tried to kill me so you're not in the clear yet buddy I love him look at him just I didn't die or at least I wasn't you're still not you Stillman killed me so it's okay I don't know I guess I'm just stuck finishing what I started now okay so usually I'm all for you know finishing what you started by her how about don't kill me just maybe just maybe just maybe a little bit just leave me alone this one it's obvious that you don't want to kill me why are you doing this to me I guess I should say this but I want to know what I did but I don't he doesn't want to kill me so we're gonna go with that one we're gonna go with that one well I kind of feel like I have to now no you don't they don't this was my choice I wanted this they turned around what will you do oh they turn around they didn't crouch down that's whack what will I do try to sneak away attack them with a nearby shovel viva la revolucion I win get back into that fucking hole okay okay if you had a gun why did you use a shovel oh he's mad I'm sorry you're real fucking piece of shit you know that no one will miss you gee it's did you seriously think that I would just let you leave that easily you're not leaving that grave hang on I just hate you in the head of this shovel you shouldn't be mm-hmm don't even think about doing that again oh I'm thinking about it yell back try to calm down apologize apologize your voice cracked oh okay that was great oh okay I don't know what's happening what did I do to you buddy uh no were you excited how's your life it's pretty shit I mean Grave currently and I'm probably gonna die you hit me over the head of the shovel sorry I mean what was life like for you it's such a strange question I know but I'm curious were you ever even happy did you have any struggles I was happy when I had my pop-tarts and I had my struggles when I was out of my pop-tarts did you ever feel good about your life yes when I was knee-deep in pop-tarts all around me everywhere I looked there's just a sea of pop-tarts all the flavors not that I've tried all the flavors I've only ever tried the chocolate ones it's a hard life I'm gonna open up a little bit here darlin what is wrong I'll be your therapist for today welcome to graves are us we're all your therapist needs are solved and handled what's bothering you today when I was a kid I had a pretty rough family I remember hearing arguments come in from above my room above my room in our basement my mum would often scream at my father over the simplest things in some ways I feel like she would purposely provoke him you know it kind of felt like she didn't respect herself enough I don't know maybe she thought she deserved his anger yeah but even still she knew what would be coming whenever she got mad at him I can't say it was completely my father's fault that was when the scream we would get louder I could hear my dad hitting her from the floor above me she would scream at him to stop with I would only make him angrier but come on she did this every night she had to know what was coming he would have thought that they would have become smarter I would then put on music to drown out the sound of my parents both of whom I loved as I got older I came more distant with my family my father despised me for it he would try to spend time with me but he would only get mad at me for not being happy he would then get angrier and angrier like that smile you better believe he would hit me and although I was his child he didn't hold back this is why I was so excited for this summer okay am I the dad ah maybe I'm the dad I don't like that smile at all buddy stop I was excited to come to this camp and get away from home for a bit I bought a new clothes tried to be more outgoing I never really had any friends I was a pretty distant person I was just so excited to finally make new friends and stand up I didn't press one what but do I met you 100 with the buoy what react taunt them crying beg them to stop torn them Jesus okay yep you're being a real fucking prick ow your heart is beating rapidly what is happening I didn't what what just happened okay after everything tonight will I really feel better I absolutely know that revenge is never the answer but what did I – Who am I who are you I feel pretty crappy almost all the time okay killing me is not gonna help some may say that's a matter of perspective and I'm just perceived in my life to be much worse than it actually is maybe they're right but if I truly feel this terrible if I feel with all my heart that I will never have a day where I am truly happy who's to say that I'm wrong people can't just tell me to cheer up that doesn't work I just feel so drained when I met you when I met you you made me feel so happy that's how you look look you got me here you tied me up you're trying to kill me you've beaten me that many times let me go me and I felt like I'd finally had someone who understood me do you want to tell me who I am but when I was vulnerable in you what I do why did you do that to me what did I do to you man I trusted you and you use that you got me all alone and then forced yourself on me even when I told you to stop Who am I on who are you what is happening why didn't you listen to me you told me you were my friend and I think that's what hurt me the most you made me feel so dirty so used so unwanted oh I see a gun I see the gun I just wanted you gone who are you what is happening I want some answers that's all I want now go for help no one is gonna kill me you see how it feels I want you to understand and I want to go for that gun yell for help stay silent stay silent let him wallow in his pain so I can escape what am I even doing true what are you doing even after all that you've done to me I just don't think I can do this you took away my last piece of happiness now I feel empty it's your own fault that you're in that hole no really I've been hit myself over head with a shovel and then have a gun put on me and then bash them more and tied up and chucked in this grave so I'm gonna say it's your fault I still just can't do this well then let me go I'm gonna free I'm no killer oh you have tried and then you kind of beat the shit out of me like multiple times and you were smiling a lot when you did it oh it's fading the gun is just laying there yes what will you do I'm going to that gun okay so attack or get out and leave I fucked if I get out and leave ever to be beaten so badly I'm not gonna be able to get away but if I attack him I have a chance so attack do you really want to do this yes what do you do shoot them and bury the body buried the body alive shoo I'm gonna bury them alive I'm not worse than they are you forced them into the pit how did I do it so easily okay I'm so sorry you don't have to do this hmm we could both walk away okay if you give me an option well I won't tell anyone what what you did to me never mind okay I did it anyways you're scared and I'm afraid I guess it's a aah this is an absolute win not really I feel shit I don't feel like I won the game yeah mm-hmm yeah no I'm not playing that again maybe maybe at a later date and I'll try different in but um that was strangely draining and I don't really want to go through that again right now I don't think but um if you guys liked it leave it down in the comments below and I'll come back to it and we can play down a different route it was definitely a pretty full-on game it was it was interesting and even though there was only a few decisions in it there were pretty big decisions and I can definitely see how each each different one would have changed the output of the game so it was a good game it was fun I recommend that you guys play it if you feel up to it otherwise maybe just give it a rest and maybe just watch others play it or just don't play it in general and everyone will thank you very much for watching that game yeah it was interesting I don't really feel like I want it though because in the end I was kind of the bad guy and really that person I don't know if they exactly deserve to die like they needed help not to be shot and then buried and I was kind of obviously not a very good person myself so it's kind of one of those games where you can't really debate what was right and wrong so I'm probably just gonna leave it there anyways thank you very much for your time thank you very much for watching and as always I will see you all in the next video bye bye

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