The Sound Of The Car Helps – When To Change Gear

Hello I’m Chris. Listening to your car can
really help you understand when to change gears and when to press down the clutch, it’s
as if it was talking. If only we had subtitles to help us understand what it was saying. That’s the end of our video on car sounds. This was just
a demonstration, ideally you want to change up gears before the engine sounds like it’s
working too hard, change down gears to match your speed and press down the clutch before
the car judders. Really hope this video has been useful. if it has then please don’t forget
to subscribe for our latest videos as it helps us to make more. Say safe on the road. Really
appreciate you watching and see you soon.

53 thoughts on “The Sound Of The Car Helps – When To Change Gear

  1. good videos as always, big thanks. it would be nice if sometime you could do one on how to approach T junctions, round-abouts etc.. ie. when to slow, turn, change gear, and accelerate etc. hopefully im not the only person who has a few problems with that ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I recently passed my driving test on my 2nd attempt with 3 minors. Your videos were a great help so thank you! I'll still carry on supporting your channel.

  3. ive got my test next thursday! need help with crossroads ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ could you please do a video on them . thankyou

  4. Chris thank you so much. That was more useful than the amount of lessons I've had with my instructor- seriously. The number of things I've learnt by just watching your vid has been SO useful. It's all about remembering what to do and responding to the car on time. One of your best videos so far. ๐Ÿ’œ

  5. Interesting video, and I will try and remember the sounds that the car makes, sometimes as a learner driver, it can be hard to concentrate on the sound your vehicle makes, as I have a lot of other things to focus on, but when I watch this video, I wish I was an expert driver like you, it is a great ability to have to be able to drive properly.

  6. This is the video am searching for! The exact way to teach perfectly! I just saw a real life experience in driving in this video! The way you teach us n speak smoothly will create a great impact on us that which improves our confidence levels a lot! Thank You for your Tutorials! Greetings from The City of Pearls – Hyderabad, Telangana, India!

  7. Hey Chris thanks for the video again it was extremely useful. I was wondering if you have any good reference points for keeping atleast a meter away from the road when driving as I have a problem of drifting out a lot and also I don't think you have a video on turning right or left at roads as that would be helpful for keeping refreshed. Thanks -Dave.

  8. Hi there. Im having problems when changing down to gear 2 when turning. Sometimes the car judders as i lift the clutch back up when i change down to 2When turning a corner should I.. slow down, change to gear 2, then lift up the clutch fully before I start to turn the wheel?Or could i brake, clutch down, change to gear 2, then lift the clutch up slowly as i am turning?Thank you

  9. Hi Chris, I've passed my tests, but haven't been driving after that. Your videos help me to review. I'm wondering if you could also make some practical driving videos for new drivers such as adding petrol, finding car parking spaces and how do you pay for parking etc, I know they sound silly but I think they'll be really helpful when I start to drive my own car.

  10. I'm starting to get a feel for when I need to go down gears now, before I'd just do it cos my instructor told me or when turning but now I can feel when the car needs a lower gear! This video helps a lot too!

  11. Exactly what i was looking for. I've passed my driving test almost two years ago but got into a mild accident last year and i'm trying my best to overcome my fear to drive again. Wish me luck and thank you ~

  12. i love your videos. it helps me build confidence ever since i started driving. but i have a question. is it necessary to find the bitting point of the clutch when changing gears, or can you just release the clutch slowly at the same time while depressing the accelerator? i am learning how to drive now. i am still new to changing gears. a detailed explanation of the transition of changing gears would help me very much! have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. excellent demonstration. Thank you for that. could you please explain:
    1) why you stall the car if you do not press the clutch?
    2) when I am driving 60 miles per hour in 5th gear on the highway and i need to slow down because of traffic, how much time I have before it stalls?

  14. I let it rev up to about 4k rpm's before I change to second lol. And it's kinda hard to listen to the engine when i'm playing music on max xd

  15. thanks so much for brilliant lessons, i am really trying to do what you are doing in the videos, but the problem is sometime i stall the car because of releasing clutch too early. meanwhile i am thinking maybe holding the clutch and pressing the gas can be problem for me by making noise, will it make me fail?

  16. I rely on listening to the sound of car's engine because RPM indicator (tachometer) of my car doesn't function well.
    If it does function well, I will still listen to the sound of car, because I have to keep focus looking on the street not on the dashboard.

  17. The perfect tutorial for beginners.I like your explanations and appreciate the amount of effort that go into such great videos.Your videos are accepted globally.Thank you and keep making more!

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