44 thoughts on “The Sweetest Song I Know (Live At Studio C, Gaither Studios, Alexandria, IN/1995)

  1. I loved watching the Happy Goodman’s! Between them and Billy Graham, they planted the seed that led me to Jesus at the age of 22. Saw them in Seminole, Oklahoma and Konowa, Oklahoma. They get the spirit moving!

  2. Good evening All! So very nice to see all the old time gospel greats in those days. So many, sadly, are no longer with us. But they are a part of that Great Gospel Choir I know in Heaven. Sing loud, strong and making that joyful noise as unto the Lord! Amen?

  3. This is real spirit filled singing! Cant get any better than the Happy Goodmans, the speer family, the Cathedrals. What a singing in Heaven is going on, I'm going, what about you? I hope tonsee you there!

  4. This was great! I know it's an old video as a lot of those beautiful voices are singing in Heaven now, but what a way to start my morning. Thank you Jesus.

  5. THIS has got to be one of my all time favorites from the happy Goodman’s I am going to have to really analyze it and find all the different part that is what makes it amazing!

  6. Sweet! I've listened to about four versions today…and this song blesses my heart. As usual beautiful delivery from the Goodmans. Thank you. This one has 3 verses and not 2 like the recent ones.
    Amazing Grace and mercy that we live under. Thanks for this wonderful reminder. Grateful for the blood that covers me and the cross where good triumphed over evil, and for the eternity that awaits us.
    It is amazing – Gods grace and mercy. Love so amazing and Divine. Thanks again

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