Top Songs 2019 – Ed Sheeran, Adele, Shawn Mendes, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Charlie Puth, Sam Smith

Hello friends ! If you like this channel music please like & share, subscribe channel. Thanks you very much !! And this see here’s my heart Willie She fails It’s Oh I I know I do this Oh Like it’s a I Saw the light on the night that I passed by her window. I Saw the flickering shadows of love on her blood I See deceive me I watched and went out of my mind I Could see that girl was no good for me But I was lost like a slave that No, man could free I Cross the street I felt the knife in my hand and Sheila July Before They come to break down the door Forgive me Delilah just couldn’t take any move Yeah In mind and she laughed There is a breakdown forgive me Eli Let’s do it again And and she laughs Till I just couldn’t take and I just quit Why Men say Only Fools Shit But I Falling where this you Would it be If Falling With you Like a river flows surely To the sea Darling so it goes some All meant to be My Take a while To If I yeah Falling Where You My career Surely to the sea, darling So it goes some things are meant to be – my Take my whoa why If Wallet where is you? For Where you Before But life in our For just today We should have Some Walk away a life that’s Breath Just draw Get out Just My tears Let’s go James but Oh Please release me. Let me go Don’t love you anymore Would be Me Again Always Let me go Love you So release me me again To Would bring us pain I Can remember when they walked together Sherry Would last boy Would like to show the way so we can follow When a insider eyes, this was my tomorrow Purchases told me I My always I cannot face this world. It’s fallen So if you see my girl, please send her home to me So my heart slowly dying Say I can’t stop myself Then I stopped to pray To be a star don’t wait up man Like rearrange puts us two changes constantly Forget about Reach down son Handy Talk to me Ah Empty your mind Maybe you mind it’s not Save You die Oh Can’t you see We’ll have the Thinking And – moreover finders Oh Can’t you see Oh Set up You Yesterday when I was young The taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue I Tease the life as if it were a foolish game the way evening breeze may tease The thousand dreams I dreamed The splendid things up I always go to Las on weekend shootings I live by night and shun the naked light of day Oh Yesterday Every song So many Landstar And so much pain my dazzled I ran so fast the time I’ll never stop to think And say shit I can now so Yesterday Was blue and every crazy day brought something new I Used my magic age as if it were a one Never saw the waste and emptiness beyond the game of life See There are so many song Son The bitter taste of tears upon my Come When You You’re my world your every breath I take You’re my world I See the stars up in the sky But for me they shine Within your eyes as the trees reach for the Sun So my arms reach out to you my love With your hands Resting in my I Oh Every three We’re paw ceases to be With your hand In my I feel She’s history We’re caught in a trap I can’t walk Because I love you too, my baby Why can’t you see What you’re doing to me When you don’t believe know what I say Together with suspicious We can Be sure So if I know crane I know drop by to say hello Would I still please just be sure when you rise Here we go again Asking where I’ve been You can see the tears alum cry We go With suspicious Oh I Tried to teach your eyes lead stolen Never lies We’re caught in a trap – baby What you’re doing don’t know what In a trap I can’t walk Because I love As free It’s time canister – ah You’re free It’s no need to Stay We’re no Steve I You’re It’s But all Cuz you Ha It’s a broken leg Unforgotten man Pieces of the past my heart’s Full of episodes Unforgiven All I have to show my heart His arm, but there’s loud – last Oh Beam up for me in my soul Is your My heart a harbor wind I’ve gathered my defenses five bones around I can really call my Here behold me tender It will bloom and grow my heart It’s all But there’s love enough to last Aha In my soul Is your Oh Enough to last for In that for me in my heart in my soul Oh My heart is your Roses only drove people’s data that you love roses swallows only fly the texture I can make you smile skies are because there were you Church spells only rings so you can sing along She will only play the fill your day with song and laughter Stars are only bright so they can light my way to you Summer comes and stairs just to only days and me I only wish so I can give my love to you That son With me I knew Due to me choose the right I know I my shoot Me Sunlight only flows because the news that you’ll be waiting Freezes always there silver before fuel for your hair and I only knew That I need you soon all however Me I’m To the right No I can my suit We and let me Looking back through all the years through the good times and the tears that played on Now the picture I can see has set my heart at ease Heaven knows we had a good we had it We both survived Though there were times we thought me now Just Now we’ve seen so many friends have beginnings turn to islands and watch It’s a one what Because heaven knows sometimes we swore we had We always stop one step before that stuff that took us out Let’s stand We are Nothing more than feeling trying to forget Feelings of love Rolling down on my face Trying to forget Feelings of love My life I wish I’d never met You’ll never Feelings like I never lost you and feelings like I’m Again and mile I wish I never met Never come again I’m reaching smiling sweetly It’s good see such the green green grass The old home town looks the same as I stepped down from the train and There to me me Is my mama? and papa Down the road And there are men Hair of gold and lips like sherry means it’s good to touch the green green grass of home Yes Me arse reaching mr. Smiling sweetly It’s good to touch the green green grass of home The old house is still standing Though the paint is cracked and dried And there’s that old tree that I used to blame Down the lane I walk with my sweet, man hair of gold and lips SlideShare release, it’s good to touch the green green grass of home Then I awake and look around me At four gray walls that surround me And then I realize yes I Was only dreaming for you see There’s a god and there’s a sad old codger Armen harm will walk at daybreak Then I will touch the green green grass of home Yes, they Come to see me in the shade of it all don’t change delay means the green green grass Thank you Brings pain a new lover And Away order My daughter So For my heart would break If you should wake and see me So early you saw Long before you miss me Long before your arms can bat me stare for one more Oh Mordor After all News I can’t bear the tea Also supplied as I believe you So are you so Long before you miss me Long before yours Can barely stay For one more Oh After only I Can’t bear the tea First As I love you As I leave you there As I leave you They Love me with all of your heart. That’s all Love me your heart Just Promise me this That you’ll give me all your kisses Every winter every summer Every port Well You Or a mall Love me always Just promise me that you give me For a mall Somewhere my love, there will be songs to sing although the snow Covers the Hobart spring somewhere Bus engine training There are Your heart I’m home someday we’ll meet again Come to me out of the long War as to it Suffers the kiss of snow Till then my sweet think of me down Godspeed mother Where are the beautiful day, where are the stay rights too long? Bagon There will be songs The stone Covers the god spring My sweet thing coming Spin to Somebody’s you that’s the time to cry When you know your You’re not the one lonely Your heart is broken, what’s the time to cry You know, she’s left you You know that she has left you so you can cry Happiness Is what I live for Loneliness is why I cry For you I’ve made my heart a slave To you Wow It’s the time to cry You know you should left you You know that she has left you so you can cry And happiness is what I laugh Have made my father slave It’s up to you Why It’s the time to cry She’s left you you know that she has left you You Oh Or don’t love you To waste a light would be a sin So You love me Cool My dog let me go You’d be Would bring us soul Nice Feel strong My Yeah Every day my papa would Try to make ends meet To see that we would eat Keep those shoes upon my feet Every night my Papa would take me he tucked me in my bed Kiss me on my head after all my prayers There were years of sadness and of two Through all together we were strong we were strong Times But Papa he was Mama stood beside him all Growing up with them was easy the time it flew on by The years began to fly they aged and so did I Dave Attell that mama she wasn’t well Papa new and deep down. So did she so did she And when she died I’m tiny And all he could say was God why her take me Every day, he sat there sleeping in a rocking chair He never went upstairs because she wasn’t there Then one day my Papa said son I’m proud of how you’ve done He said go out and make it on your own Don’t worry, Kayla He said there are things that you must do he said there’s places you must see Then his eyes were shot I see But he said goodbye to me Time I kiss my Papa surgeries They said children live through you I kiss my kids and pray Dr. Finkel They will think of That You see this even just lie She’s the sill of a sudden you better walk away and watch the shine What you watch the Monica? a Silver tier appearing now Caroline No one’s mine – thing around for something softly time Baby sky’s on fire go on the cat In Can’t you see sunshine why can’t you just leave just like Dawkins silently I will we shan’t live dog should buy Sign that might be open – Caroline The dark side of And it seems like the goes on like this forever you must forgive Catch That’s somewhere there’s someone who Someone meant for you all we look around and you’ll find me there As always there’s someone Let me know you let me show you just how much I care Fear inside me For us to share Someday you’ll look for that someone They’re everywhere You Just how much I can Hear inside me For us share Someday you look for that someone who loved you Under that ivy You Because a let’s bang Five as we pray

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  1. 0:00 Work From Home
    2:28 Girls Like You
    5:54 Lush Life
    9:24 Symphony
    12:15 Perfect
    15:35 Havana
    18:18 I'm Not Her
    22:21 This Is What You Came For
    26:04 Despacito
    28:34 Starboy
    30:42 Don't Wanna Know
    33:56 Moves Like Jagger
    37:40 Sugar
    41:40 Cheap Thrills
    44:24 Look What You Made Me Do
    46:36 Something Just Like This
    49:41 Love Me Like You Do
    53:38 Hello
    57:28 Demons
    1:00:26 Way Back Home
    1:03:55 Thinking Out Loud
    1:07:35 Titanium
    1:10:30 Love On The Weekend
    1:13:43 Side To Side
    1:16:15 I Don't Want To Live Forever
    1:18:49 Mistletoe
    1:22:02 Sorry
    1:25:35 Waiting For Love
    1:29:13 Reality
    1:32:13 It Ain't Me
    1:34:46 That's What I Like
    1:37:46 Maps
    1:41:37 One More Night
    1:45:16 That Girl
    1:47:21 Everyday I Love You

  2. who knows who is singing the cover of perfect by Ed Sheeran???
    Alguém sabe quem está cantando o cover de Perfect do Ed Sheeran??

  3. Mampir ke chanel ku juga yah 🙏
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    Makasih yg udah mampir dan subcribe chanel ku🙏🙏 semoga yg udah subscribe chanel ku masuk surga☺🙏

  4. I like the songs in your video!
    Interactive registration channel to support his exchange of good music

  5. @ Work From Home
    @ Girls Like You
    @ Lush Life
    @ Symphony
    @ Perfect
    @ Havana
    @ I'm Not Her
    @ This Is What You Came For
    @ Despacito
    @ Starboy
    @ Don't Wanna Know
    @ Moves Like Jagger
    @ Sugar
    @ Cheap Thrills
    @ Look What You Made Me Do
    @ Something Just Like This
    @ Love Me Like You Do
    @ Hello
    @ Demons
    @ Way Back Home
    @ Thinking Out Loud
    @ Titanium
    @ Love On The Weekend
    @ Side To Side
    @ I Don't Want To Live Forever
    @ Mistletoe
    @ Sorry
    @ Waiting For Love
    @ Reality
    @ It Ain't Me
    @ That's What I Like
    @ Maps
    @ One More Night
    @ That Girl
    @ Everyday I Love You

  6. Symphony is definitely the version sung by One voice children's choir. If you really did go to different soundtracks instead of copying someone else (which happens a lot more than you think) good job it was a nice piece.

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