Trey Gowdy sounds off on Pelosi delaying Senate impeachment

100 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy sounds off on Pelosi delaying Senate impeachment

  1. It’s disgusting..really is .. it’s embarrassing having a government running us all that carry’s on like spoilt little kids. Surely TRUMP being the president as soon as this is done he can start slamming his power around and really make a difference..

  2. Goodness Sakes!! With all due respect twards Mr. Howdy and his intelligence upon this "situation" before Our Senate, my heart POUNDS when I so much as see this beautiful Woman… Goodness Sakes !

  3. My kids & their friends were all brainwashed at school & uni to hate our President Trump. But with all this garbage going on the Mueller & deep state pressure to impeach him.. I’m seeing it all turn around they actually all support him now.. so first hand I believe Trump will win 2020 in another much larger landslide win..

  4. Call the witnesses. Exonerate the president or, shut up!! He's been Impeached. Now let's hear what his top officials who have first hand knowledge of the president's charges have to say. Tired of you guys running your mouths and making it about party instead of facts. You guys will still be republicans when he's gone.

  5. I'm glad hes doing so many rally's. I never knew 25% of the crowd are democrats listening for the first time. He is truly reaching all Americans. 🇺🇸


  7. So who monitors these jokers in Congress, it seems like they do whatever they want and there is no higher power to hold them accountable

  8. This is all quite ridiculous it has gone much to far and this country had better pay attention to the world we live in before something unfortunate happens to us

  9. Trey is solid. I hate to see him become a partisan hack, he is way to good to not see that Trump is a con man and an idiot.

  10. This was not a good example of proper investigation they repressed and disavowed any testimony that might let them vote for impeachment in a honest way. They the Democrats failed in a horrible way.

  11. Jeez, not only is Trey Gowdy a joy to listen to regarding politics, he's gorgeous. Not very PC, but it is what it is. Merry Christmas everyone.☃️🎅🎄👼

  12. What do americans mean by saying "drain the swamp?" All these vague non commital statements….politics is full of non commital vague statements that mean what? Do you mean "get rid of the alphabet agencies at the federal level?" Do you mean downsize the DHS, FBI, CIA, Pentagon, Federal government? Do you mean get new leadership into those agencies? What do you really mean "drain the swamp?" This is a bunch of swave talk without any concrete meaningful commitments. Anyone care to explain what you really mean "drain the swamp"

  13. Anyone who sees the impeachment attempt as flawed and purposely partisan and a pre meditated coup should vote for Trump to protest the Democrats and do it so that future government is held accountable and cleaned up.

  14. Piglosi is just that…a pig. Let's quit the BS & end this charade. Schiff is just that…a schitt. Go to jail both of them. If Trump is such a danger to our Republic then why hold the impeachment papers? She is a liar!

  15. And if you think protest and news pieces will bring down Trump…They would have brought him down already.“Violence abroad,” it said, “breeds violence at home.”

  16. She’s not breaking the law she has the right according to the law
    I don’t see an issue
    Time will tell what her actions will manifest into
    As an American all I can do is trust in the process

  17. As long as that dumbass medicated Mary sits on the articles oh, this will not be over and they won't know what to do with themselves because they sure as hell are not serving their constituents they are pathetic excuses for human beings let alone elected officials

  18. Nanci Pelosi , la momia del partido democrata , y ahora que con el impeachment jajajajajaja , ahora no saben como sacar la pata , gracias por darle mas popularidad aTromp

  19. Well said😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. So let us look at all of us are living everyday of our lives hoping to know that our efforts to make sure that these things that have been happening not only today 12-26-91, but from many years gone by as horrific actions! Now we are in a much better place! Thanks to only President Donald J Trump and Family! Again I know your cause is for every human being who will make the right choices since we have the given right as all Americans do which is the right to educate themselves!

  21. If anyone making comments against this President by being in favor of impeachment,,,simply expands upon my thinking that there should be a purging of voter rolls due to stupidity.

  22. It’s a total joke .He’s such a threat to our nation yet your now hold the impeachment from senate? This is a ridiculous joke.

  23. They just want people to say the president is impeached even when he really isn't…Nancy and shumer look more and more corrupt then ever

  24. Did she not know what would happen in senate? If she did not she is stupid, if she did she wasted our money for 6 months if not three years. Democrats can dance and sing, deliver fake dialogs and make up stories. They can not run our country.

  25. Pelosi got the impeachment vote she wanted. Now she will open another impeachment inquiry and go to court over the witnesses she wants to include. This will drag out well beyond the election. Constant supply of Democrat talking points for a biased media

  26. Trey, though you be sit'n pretty in pink… Holy hell Dana! If I wasn't so lazy, consumed by to many hobbies, and didn't have integrity woven into what little moral fiber I DO have left, … I would likely have to resort to stalker status!… stupid "hobbies",….yeah yeah shut-up recliner!… ooooh pizza

  27. Trey Gowdy was the one who changed the rules in the house to allow closed door hearings.
    The same ones the conservative snowflakes were crying about.
    The same ones that Trey used for three years trying to impeach Obama.

    The Senate is SUPPOSE to be the jury.
    This treasonous Senate is working closely with the defendant.

    How can Pelosi send the articles to such a blatantly crooked Senate?
    Hopefully there will be enough honest republicans to force the Senate to have witnesses, and try to be honest.

    All conservatives are traitors, they have turned our nation into an Oligarchy.

  28. Don‘t only blame Trump, don‘t forget people like Graham and Gowdy.
    Happy USA Pelosi is smart and able to save them from Russia!

  29. It’s very obvious that Ms Pelosi and the Democrats are NOT for the people of the United States, and quite frankly do NOT care about the people of the United States! It will only hurt them the next election!

  30. Oh, come on!
    Look at the "bi-partisan" spending bill they passed.
    It would never have flown if it weren't for the impeachment distraction.
    Both parties want it.
    If the Democrats hadn't provided teh show, the Republicans would have had to come up with some excuse for not honoring their campaign promises.
    A "Space Force" to protect our satellites when we won't protect our border?
    Israel got its "aid"?
    On it goes,,,Haaaa!

  31. They are all corrupt. Democrats and Republicans. McConnell thinks he’s God, but he learned from Reid. They long ago quit representing Americans, it’s about lobbyists, kickbacks and big money.

  32. Christopher Wray needs to be fired. There needs to be a reform on the tort laws. So that's corrupt prosecutors can be sued, held liable for their decisions

  33. Let’s cut Nancy a little slack. To be fair she thinks she’s impeaching Bush. She even called Maxine to confirm her belief.

  34. The real jurors are the American people. They're the ones who deserve a fair process in the Senate, and the GOP needs to make the trial at least appear fair to voters.

  35. Pelosi is holding Articles of Impeachment hoping that the Senate will nullify them. Then the House will have more time to work to try to find more evidence against President Trump to impeach him. (But there is none, Nancy, Schiff & Schumer!)

  36. This impeachment fiasco has never been about 'justice' or 'fairness', it is just part of a continued 3+ year long temper tantrum by a bunch of narcissistic spoiled brats who didn't get their way and will go to any length, regardless of truth, morals, ethics and common decency, to overthrow the results of a democratic election, tear the country apart TO GET THEIR WAY.

  37. Sinple reason. Demo wait until Demo take over the Senate and then send the impeachment article to Demo Senators . . . there you go bada bing bada boom . . . u get picture the game they play. Demo using American votes to play their game. Demo want to keep American stupid for easy control. That's how communist did. Yes Trump he little crazy and some may not like his personality but look what he done and try to do for the USA. Keep in mind Trump is not God but he talk n talk and walk n walk. Good salesman with compassion.

  38. i agree with Gowdy…….per Pelosi an urgent existential threat but lets take our Christmas break…..who is she kidding…..then the Dems demanded fairness when they weren t fair……….who are they kidding…it s a strategic move to tarnish the President for the 2020 election and nothing more i hope Americans wake up……….

  39. President trump is the best president we ever had in our country history USA king trump only president trump care about us in America

  40. "It's not unusual to have a witness in a trial. It's certainly not unusual to have witnesses in an impeachment trial." — Mitch McConnell, 1999

  41. MORE laws…ohh GREAT IDEA DUFUS…how many thousands on the books now? What a bunch of dumb asses….FISA is used by traitors daily!

  42. They won't send it to a Republican controlled Senate because it "won't be a fair trial" LOL, it wasn't fair when it came from a purely partisan Democrat vote in the majority House!

  43. This guy is a joke. Pelosi is smart. Let's hold the trial in September. Right before November. No Trump political ads. Still under impeachment. And A silenced GOP. pelosi is in control.

  44. Dems are really showing their TRUE COLORS!!
    Want to control everything, their rules only, and their way only!
    Hope America's really understand Dems way of "ruling".
    This is what they have been doing for a very long time!!!

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