Trina, nagpasalamat sa tulong sa kanya ni Cassie | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Mikoy, thanks for your help. You should thank Tope too.
That was his idea. Looks like we have to call it
off. Let’s go back to class. So that’s it?
They went here for nothing? Just wait and see. Let’s go. Ouch! Miss Bartolome,
what happened to you? Marga, are you okay? – Careful.
– Sir… She tripped me! Are you seriously
accusing me?! Please, don’t fight here! Cassie! Marga! Nanny Esther! I’m glad you’re here. Ram-Ram! What are you doing here? I accompanied the
children to see Trina. See, classmates?
This is Trina’s baby. Now tell me,
who’s the liar now? You’re mistaken, Marga. He is not Trina’s son. They are Trina’s siblings. Trina’s mother died
during childbirth, that’s why she’s the one
taking care of her family. Why does she have to do it? Where’s your father? He’s in jail. He’s been there
for a long time. So, he’s a criminal. Marga, that’s not
the issue here. The issue here is how
judgmental you are, and how you’ve hurt
other people. How did I hurt her?
I only posted her picture. The rumors didn’t
come from me. But you still hurt her. You are a respected student
of Maxwell International. You’re the student
council president! You should be the one
setting a good example, instead of promoting
these things! Don’t tell me
what to do, Cassie. Sure. And it’s okay to
disagree with me. I can’t force you to be right. And that goes for
everyone here too. Don’t forget. This is our last year
in high school. Do you really want to leave
behind memories like this? Nothing but senseless fighting? Isn’t it better to get to know
and accept each other instead of spreading rumors? Instead of making trouble, why don’t we make
new friends instead? Let’s not waste this year by
fighting one another. We’re all students
of this school. I really hope all of us
will get along. What did she say?
Did she punish you? She didn’t, Cassie.
I didn’t hurt anyone, so… Why did she talk to you? It was about my siblings. She said they’ll help us. They’ll ask
a government agency to help search for
our other relatives, so that someone will
take care of us. Really? I told you, Cassie.
Everything will be fine. Thank you for your help. Especially you, Cassie. You didn’t just stop me
from doing the wrong thing, but you also helped me
with my siblings. I understand what you’re
going through, Trina. I was separated from my mother
when she was imprisoned. And Marga also
bullied me too. I learned how to fight back, but that doesn’t give me
a license to hurt other people because I know my loved ones
wouldn’t like that.

100 thoughts on “Trina, nagpasalamat sa tulong sa kanya ni Cassie | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

  1. These series is being unrealistic. Dapat kumikilos rin ang mga teacher pag may nagaganap na bullying.

  2. marga the ultimate b*tch i hope nobody's actually like her in real life cuz if there is…..u live the most pathetic life 🙂

  3. minsan ang cringe na rin ng facial expressions ni marga lol it's okay to be mataray pero parang sobra sobra na yung pagmemake face niya hahahaha

  4. Mayyy ghhhad kristoff ano ba naman yan di mo man lang suportahan Gf mo i hate tope now binabliwala lang niya ai cassie 😒😒

  5. I knew Trina isn't bad. She just had to project her strength para hindi maapi. Best part is, she's new friends with Cassie.

  6. Cassie's role is a good example to everybody. … She has the values that everyone must possess . While marga's character is also an example that leads us to determine the difference between good and evil.

  7. kung ano ang puno siya ang bunga…napaka humble ni.cassie kahit andami na.jiyang paghihirap pinagdadaanan.😇😇😇

  8. finally.. a breath of fresh air… ayan ha.. ang episode per day 75% good vibes at 25% bad vibes. LOL. sana naman tuloy tuloy naman, wag naman gawing 75% kasamaan 25% kabutihan ang pinapakta ng karamihan sa episodes. ayan.. nagbalik na ule ako magcomment comment sa youtube channel nio…

  9. Plot twist: tatay ni trina si leo,ang alam ni trina nakakulong yung tatay niya akala naman ni leo patay na ung anak niya…tapos magkaibigan si leo at robert tapos magiging mayaman na rin sila trina

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