Understanding OCD – Part 5 (Instrumental Health – A Mental Health Documentary Series)

[Music] It’s not just the sufferers, you know? We’ve all got families, and it affects the family. It affects the workplace. It affects every aspect of your life. And OCD Action provide support and resources to everybody. We offer a helpline, so an email and phone helpline, which is a listening and information service. We offer a national advocacy service for people facing particular issues caused by their OCD, so that might be issues at work or in housing or in education. We offer a youth service for under 25s affected by OCD, and also we have our Even Better Together project, which is a network of independent local support groups and also our own phone and Skype support group. They’re an unbelievable support network. They’re doing some amazing things. First of all, one of the greatest things about them is that they’re doing fantastic work in shattering the misinformation that is out there around OCD. But I think we’re getting the balance. We’re getting more to the positive side of where we want to be and I think that’s what we’ve just all really got to keep pushing for, to keep sharing our stories where we can and keep informing people when we can. And the best thing about OCD Action is in the title – they get people into action, you know, so they prompt people to take action against their OCD, and then they will support you at whatever level that you want to take the action. So for instance, I spoke on the radio not too long ago and OCD Action supported me before, during, and after that radio show, just to make sure that I was okay. They’re just a beautiful organisation. We get people calling us, and after 50 years of living with OCD in silence, they’ve heard something on the radio and now they feel comfortable talking about it, and they want to seek help, and that’s amazing.

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