Usher x Mariah Carey Type Beat l R&B Instrumental l Instrumental Beats l In Your Eyes

Usher x Mariah Carey Type Beat l R&B Instrumentals Love Songs l In Your Eyes (FREE)
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In The Studio:

“In Your Eyes” was created as a throwback of sorts to the R&B from the 90s and early 00s that I grew up on. I am talking about songs like Usher’s “Burn” or Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together”. This is the kind of track you either fall in love or break up to depending on what direction you want to take it lyrically.

This track actually started as a progression with an electric piano preset on a vst that I can’t remember at the moment. I ended up doing the progression on guitar and liked that better. Then much like “Love of My Life” it took off from there.

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47 thoughts on “Usher x Mariah Carey Type Beat l R&B Instrumental l Instrumental Beats l In Your Eyes

  1. hey me and my future wife are underground gospel artist's with a God given gift in music I rap n can sing a Lil tune but my soon to be wife her gift is more alive in singing we both would like to be used by God to blessed this instrumental real talk with this I do want me and my future wife to profit we are hungry for Jesus so yes will push it for this type of beat soulful deep touching sound so God bless your talent my brother I can we can vision a world changer with this style of instrumental right here my name is George Bragg jr her name is for now Latavia price search my video's all freestyle on other people beats as a non profit on YouTube G money gospel freestyle or Google me or facebook me but ima let God bless us all through your gift of beat to the world so tell me how can I download this beat for free to record this n the Studio and after that me and my future wife doing shows at churches and pushing our gift and music inside the will of God for our lives on earth to enter inside the Gates of Heaven I'm serious everything will be copyrighted and we will give you credit and we will share the profit with you my brother just one song and great beat is all it takes to make a different I know it until we are bless with more to offer to the people amen God bless you๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™

  2. Sorry im new to this whole music thing ah – If i use this beat for a song ive made – can i then put it on itunes or not? Just asking bro?

  3. I love this beat I can really feel it inside my the lyric's starting to come in my mind to let it out on paper i'm listening to it over over until the lyric's come out

  4. check out all my freestyle if you want but the video with me wearing all black has my Gmail on the down button arrow in my description feel please me let me know about radio exposure over a beat from your website I already download the ones the holy spirit connect me to but God has a vision for me and my wife to be in God want to allow you to be blessed by obedience with your gift of seed you have sowed in the earth that Jesus allowed me and my wife to be to find so the holy spirit using us to bring to your beat in gift life more abundantly God is ready to take us to the next level in him on these last days we live on earth to make a difference for good by the holy spirit

  5. beast!!!! great music work. keep up the music creations. 100! gonna use this and for sure will credit you and tag you

  6. hey man… I've finally found that sound I was looking for.. a sound like this beat right here, love it! Im a young Gospel singer and i'm pushing my music right now and it'll be so great if I could use your beat on a song.

  7. this is just amazing damn! is it okay if I can use this as an instrumental for my own song please?

  8. Hey I wrote a song to this beat and was wondering if it can be used for profit or not? If it is free and all

  9. a playa than fuck up and made a mistake, give u his see three years an county dealing with a the headaches back and forth I need this to be over playa than fuck up

  10. its a instrumental you did named my soul and we have five more we need to buy from you cuz me and my fiance gospel music album needs Finance like itunes radio performances so I need to know how to find all the beasts that you did from your website because you're doing new beats my brother through Jesus Christ and beats I have the older ones gmail me [email protected] lets talk some more i know we need to buy one to start off our Finance to have pay our album instrumentals we chosen but we are on a mission for Jesus Christ but it's important that we know how to find all your Beats that we would like to buy that we already recorded in the studio they all tagged still all rights to you for now but we still saving up to get all the 6beats owned from you miqverse untagged amen

  11. oh ok all is well cuz we can replace whatever you sold already with some other beats its a big world no hard feelings at all make your blessings always miqverse amen gmail me please [email protected] we want to buy the in your eyes instrumental Beat from you also The Logical be made from you isn't it buy 2 get 2 free if so we have other select to Love of My Life instrumental beat in light in your eyes instrumental beat for 2 more free gmail me so we can do business for this movement amen

  12. Ready to pay on this beat miqverse finally but cant find it on your website this G money with Latavia price gospel music group๐Ÿ™amen

  13. Hey There,

    It's been a while since we last spoke. I wanted to stop by to give you a heads up that I now have a new YouTube channel and deleted the old one that we were connected on. When you get a chance, please stop my my page and subscribe. Let's chat soon and have an awesome week ahead. I will make sure to re-subscribe to your channel once you hit mines up.

    Thank you,

    Tirrick Obadiah Smith

  14. This is G Money and. Latavia hit single name of gospel song is I need you please support all the gorly belongs to God amen its a great song miqverse been getting good feed back sense we been showcasing this song for our gospel album God bless you sir

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