Using body composition as a parameter to guide members on their wellness journey.

We very much think that body composition is
a by-product of health and performance. KX is a complete wellness module, so we have
everything in here from restaurant, spa, gym, and all the services that surround that. I guess what we create really easy wellness
journeys for everyone. We use a very very strong evidence-based approach
to our whole offering and what we look at is way of making life easier for the members. How do they understand their journey from
A to B, how do we measure some of their success rate along that journey. Measuring body composition is really important
but it’s important in the context of different people for different things. I mean, there is lots of ways of testing. We found the most robust method of bio-impedance,
which is great, but how we use it would be very individualized. What we need to have is a very positive story
around changing body composition. What we want to do is create some clear parameters
for their goals that match the body composition, but then also match their blood health markers. Then you can create a very positive terrain
to show these clients success. I think the things that really stood out for
us as being quite robust was skeletal muscle, subcutaneous body fat, visceral fat and the
fact that it is measured in litres, which is helpful for us because that’s a medical
measurement for it. Each member, after the assessment and after the consultation gets quite a comprehensive report. We cherry-pick for each individual, so some
people who do not want masses of data just get the key take-homes. We use the seca report because it’s a really
nice thing to talk through in the consultation along with their blood testing. I guess what we were looking at when we were
starting to look at the new seca was that we needed some robust evidence behind it. We like the fact that there is evidence base
and use within NHS hospitals because that gave us some medical reference points within
there and then we could speak to the team if we weren’t sure about some measurements
and work out how relevant they were for our testing at that point. We’re very different at KX. Most fitness establishments, most gyms actually
concentrate on quick fix methods. We are very much about long term, so we’re
looking at increasing wellness for a longevity approach and this fits in with that, because
you can reassess, re-test stress, re-assess body composition and slowly by slowly buy
into a complete lifestyle change. So, I don’t think it’s industry wide at
this point, I think the top guys want to get skilled up and they’re not fearful of knowledge. I think there is a point of care to try and
increase this across the board. We’re top-end, but it’s not proprietary. I’d love to share this with more people. I think the industry should be doing some
good stuff, because we want to be a professional industry.

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