V-Control Pro – Digital Performer Setup

on your Mac or PC just run a simple utility how cool knife I you can download it from nearing calm downloads you can setup knife I to run when your computer boots up so you don't have to think about it again launch V control Pro app on your iPad click the lower left Settings button and in the settings screen of V control select the computer tab and then select the computer that digital performer is running on in the da W tab select digital performer and click on the lower left Settings button again to go back to the main V control screen launch digital performer on your computer click on the setup menu at the top of the screen then click on control surface setup the control surface setup window will appear click on the plus button and add a Mackie control driver make sure the unit pop-up is selected to make it control click on the input port pop up and select V control 1 this driver is provided by the knife I app the output port should automatically select V control click OK to close the digital performer control surface window V controller digital performer should now have complete bi-directional control with each other verify operation by adjusting the faders and transport controls in both the V control tab and the digital performer software actions performed in the digital performer software and V control should be reflected in each other if you will V control after launching digital performer and V control has not connected just swipe the faders with a one or two finger swipe and it should connect you can also go into DP go to setup control surface setup check that the input and output port of the maker control device are selected to V control and hit the ok button and V control should now connect digital performer can support multiple Mackie control devices so if you have another device such as an SSL matrix just add an additional Mackie control driver for that trol

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