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welcome back viewers it's hi James Calma bringing more half-assed reporting and today we're on the west side at Pier 91 gonna run up and check out the Volta Art Fair and stay tuned we'll see if we can choose a ticket here it's the first week of March and that's what they call here in New York mark fair week so they've got the the armory fare of this show Volta pulse scope a couple of other ones and well I decided to start out here because I think they're gonna be a little easier to slip in without having to shell out the 25 bucks for an entry fee Julius Hoffmann gallery Leipzig Germany and she they didn't bother to put any wall labels up so I don't know who these pieces are by well I started covering art fairs Oh years ago and with the James comm report I think maybe somewhere about 2006 or 2007 I actually covered nine affairs here in New York in one four-day period scan Gaussian wound all Ethan Coen New York okay this is kind of interesting so we've got chairs like they're made out of pieces of kalashnikov's kind of machine guns it's nice so we've got shell casings on the back and then masks and I saw a movie with Nicolas Cage a couple of years ago there was Lords of war something like that he was a weapons merchant selling a lot of guns into Africa and wow this kind of looks like the remnants of his little project and everything is made out of guns cartridges barrels I've got a shovel as I was saying I covered a lot of art fairs probably dozens and dozens of art fairs and in the last couple of years I've not been so enthusiastic much of it is because well how many art fairs can you see this is Tessa Whitefield at the papa studios Nassau Bahamas and this is a fun piece so I've got little stars cut out of plywood in there strung up like beads makes a little arch and figurative painting well I'm not gonna have time to go through I talked to the people at the desk they said there's about a hundred and twenty various galleries we're just gonna hide a run-through catch a few glances and maybe highlight some interesting stuff oh I like this Cameron platter at the Hilger booth kuntala Vienna Austria and okay and this looks like maybe a color pencil on paper markers and and it just got him hung up on the big clips Tom and whole town at the Michael Anderson Copenhagen Denmark gallery this is more tongue and Holt from the Michael Anderson gallery in Copenhagen that's probably about five by four and a half well I was kind of looking at uh some of Tom's figures and they made me think of our bigot eye I like this with the aqua blues ultramarine also uh hey that's a very nice rich surface with a lot of glossy versus mad rough versus smooth chunky versus washy oh here's some Bushwick people on screen burg and we've got a selection of work here by Elena Hertzog okay well I've been watching Elena's work for a while I just come up and give you a quick description what a lot of her work is dealing with his uh fabric and staples and kind of where's away the fabric various kinds is a carpet this is an also carpet so she'll staple these down sometimes she does this on site and I guess these pieces are transportable so she's got the mounted on the way that is sheet rocker particle board she just a braids them until where is a wave of fabric and you get kind of a an abstract hello I'm good how are you and this is your side of the show congratulations okay so this is work by Meg Hitchcock well one of the words that I don't want to use too much but I think is very applicable in makes case is obsessive now we'll get up and look at these closer meg makes these fantastical collages and she clips out letters and I believe this is uh from her series where she's taken the letters from the Quran and then she's kind of read mix them in collage forms to say different things and sometimes she creates images or figurative images other times it's more abstract all brahmand free us from the bonds of death letters cut from the bible okay so she goes both ways take the letters from the bible and convert them into verses from the quran if you go back on the james calm report i don't know what four or five years we covered a show that she did at famous accounts on Bushwick actually I think Meg might be one of the most outstanding artists that has come out of the Bushwick community this is titled get mother prisoners at Guantanamo Bay letters cut from the Koran and the Bible so maybe we've got the names of all the prisoners Hisss apiece by Erin Johnson from the stucks gallery and well I think I covered the show by Erin or at least has seen his work maybe in some group shows years ago when he was showing it rare I believe more Erin Johnson it's titled mess kotero it's efflorescence well it's kind of transgressive I enjoy some of the technical stuff that he's doing on the pieces like this that are laminated it's titled de Kooning in the studio this kind of makes me think of Ensor and well it's funny we'll you know compare the chunkiness of this with the added on fabric collages that actually stick out like three or four inches and we'll compare that to the kind of a flat laminate things it's kind of walking the tiger acrylic on polyester knit mesh but if you look at this it's almost like it's layers of plastic oh boy well this is one of the reasons I decided to come here home it's a show work by simon link at carriage trade and well i'm a big fan of Simon's work I loved his use of text and these pieces are all based on ads and art for huntin I tell you I look at these and I am amazed it is about what you articulate text and well I also like the kind of you simply chalky paint and then me and I don't know how he does it let's have tiny little brushes now another aspect is that a lot of this is classic Artforum stuff and I think Simon Asst yeah lives in London so he's kind of one step removed away from the American art form other criteria anyway we've have started looking at each other's work on Facebook and I saw his work at another Art Fair years ago and featured it I think he's one of the more interesting artists and okay this is nice I think each one of these pieces is about 12 inch square wellwe've buttonholed Peter Scott the proprietor at carriage trade he's going to tell us a little bit about Simon okay so he's saying this painting is from 1988 doing this work since the early 80s it's sample okay so tell me a little bit about do you know about the technical side of this I mean does he start out with a page from art form and then he glues it on the canvas or does he reject this somehow or I know that they're not based on the page so you don't know all the secrets and the chemicals and everything else because that was our oil painting okay and I know that he uses like conservative glasses so some people think these are block prints but actually they're done with it for us extreme contrast right you know it's it's great that he's able to get that sharp edge but also have this kind of you know nice and textural juicy oil painting along with it Magdalena Thomas one of my favorites in some ways I think that he he sets up this almost impossible situation for himself where he has maybe worked within the constraints of the art the size of our alright art form is a square magazine rex right I remember when I used to read art form I don't know what fifteen or sixteen years ago right that's right it's what they call art porn yeah does he ever do anything besides art form I mean does he do mark news or anything no just art for art form and he's had periods where he kind of deviated from that or he did the cover and the smaller he's also done the bard yes I've seen larger some of his larger pieces that plant they're wonderful I think the one for one get away it's a little bit like Warhol's brillo since the laughing taking the real object and for us same size and then just doing it by hand fry but the difference you know pop art it's not mechanical right well but he's got to be using projectors or something to get everything proportionate and well this is why I wish you was here I would I would try to pin him down and and pump him for all of his secrets now these two pieces here have got a lot of pain on their sleeves are these from a different period 2007 Oh I mean these are obviously you know more I mean I think there's a real humor in the world oh no there's a lot of humor and and also I think plays on a lot of painting tropes and just the idea of and like you said pop art but how do you introduce serious and of alchemical painting into the whole question anyway mr. Scott thanks for the explenation at you say say hi to simon for us thanks now I guess maybe the concept of this fair is that each gallery each booth is a one-person presentation so in that way it's kind of nice it's not so confusing Schuyler fine Jonathan Ferrara New Orleans okay so we got giant matchbook covers oh I remember that the limelight well sometimes it's hard to beat the punchy designs of a matchbook cover I like that one nails so they've got a couple of curated spaces here Doreen Garner it's okay this is fun but the present goes hey hello so they've kind of cut away the strided letter layers of this piece well I wrote a piece a couple of years ago talking about going down to Miami and trying to visit about 18 or 19 art fairs and maybe some of this is fabric in there a colored plaster of some kind anyway at that point I said to myself that when you go to an art fair like this you're running past hundreds and hundreds of booths you get about 4/10 of a second to decide whether you want to stop and look at something this is a piece by Kate Clark titled lingering 2016 antelope eyed thread pins clay rubber eyes foam and wood and it's another piece by Kate it's titled behaving bear cub hide anyway when you have to look at maybe thousands of artists works you have a very short period of time what it ends at pet being like is like a zoetrope which is a little spiral device you look through slots there there is little pictures on the inside and as you spin it it actually has the the illusion of movement these are interesting I Brahim commad anyway the the illusion I was trying to make is that if you're going to a lot of fairs like coming to the Art Fair a week here in New York and walking through about twenty fairs you might not be able to see individual pieces but if you kind of blur your eyes and look at the big picture you can start to see trends and commonalities Leonardo Ben's aunt these are on unstretched canvas it's like oil stick and oil maybe tears are also a great opportunity to get an idea of what is popular in the market kazoo Kazuma klika Osaka Japan Becca Lowry friend got Pierrot New Haven oh this is fun that's kind of carving weaving wire constructions yeah no that's great that got all kinds of references Mexican ceramics weaving and kind of like the weathered looking worn and torn surfaces oh that's pretty Laura boosts newer projects London and I don't know maybe I'll get back up here and pop in and see the armory tomorrow night I'm not sure I think they're probably at least six or seven fairs so this is James come coming to you from Volta on the west side the bolt art fair Thank You Kate whoa thank you thank you

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  1. I’ll watch this one again! I was engrossed in a bowl of collards – “a picture is worth a ………………” need eye say more!! THANK YOU JAMES.

  2. If I had to guess, Simon puts down vinyl lettering paints over it then peels off. But that would only be a part of what he might do.

  3. Thank you James Kalm!! I am very appreciative of what your reports bring to my creative mind and eyes and heart. THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !THANK YOU !

  4. Aaron Johnson a name to retrieve. "Unity in disparity, presence by anonimity, "colour" by freezing a free moment, you name it. Brilliant. Thanks

  5. Aaron Johnsons art I loved the most,I'm going to look into his art. The monsters and wild cartoonish vibe is brilliant.

  6. The quality of the work was the equivalent of the inane drumming.
    Neither one could be much worse.
    Thank you Kate.

  7. Those first paintings are by Julius Hofmann , the gallery showing him is called Galerie Kleindienst from Leipzig.

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