Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #129 [CC]

Hi, YouTube, it’s Kathy. This is my
Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up for June 16th – 22nd. This week I read 4 books, I watched 1 movie, I watched 2 shows, and I listened to 1 book. Welcome to my parents basement! The first book I read this week was because one of the
librarians held it up to a window that was between us, tapped on the window and
went, “you need to read this”. Yes it is a children’s picture book, called Ogilvy. It’s adorable. It’s about this world where these rabbits either wear sweaters or dresses,
and this one rabbit wants to be able to do the things that are associated with
the rabbits that wear dresses, but also wants to be able to do the things that
are associated with the rabbits who wear sweaters, so decides on a daily basis
whether or not what they’re wearing is a sweater or a dress.
And eventually all the bunnies are like “you need to pick one because you’re going back and forth and I don’t like it” and essentially the main character says
“no; both”. Obviously, my librarians know me, because I appreciated this picture book
very much. The next book I finished this week was Everything Grows. This is one I
just picked up off the shelves at random at work and went “this looks like it has
a pride flag on the front of it it’s probably gonna be queer” and it was. This
book is about Eleanor, and starts shortly after one of her classmates commits
suicide, and then she starts writing letters to him because of an English
project. He seems like a weird choice to write letters to because he used to
bully her. This means that besides the first a
little bit of introduction, this is mostly written in letters that she’s
writing down in her diary. This is also set in 1993, which definitely plays into
how it’s written, and not only does the main characters struggle with the fact
that she likes girls, she is also wondering about her gender
identity. I found this was an interesting format. I almost feel like we could have
done the whole thing in diary entries instead of the little bit at the
beginning kind of explaining the set up, and one character near the end almost
seems like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl dropped in type of situation, but I can
ignore that for now, because ultimately at this timeframe you might not
know that there are different gender identities unless somebody lets you know,
and it’s not like you could just look it up in 1993. Despite the sort of dark premise, this is very hopeful and it’s just about this person figuring out who they are and I really liked that about it. This week I
also read the second volume of Umbrella Academy… I can’t really remember what happened. The premise of this book is so out there and the people that have
powers have very different powers, and you don’t spend a lot of time with them
on the page, so trying to remember who has what powers and what their names are
is pretty difficult unless you’re actually really paying attention, which I
guess I wasn’t. I have a feeling that this is going to be something I’m going
to enjoy better as the adaptation than I am enjoying as the comics – not saying that I
don’t like the comics. I’m just saying that they don’t leave a lasting
impression, whereas if I spend more time with the story via a different visual
medium, I’m going to get to know the characters a little bit better. The final
book I read this week was Hot Dog Girl. This I read for Summerathan, and I
actually made a Summerathan Reading Vlog, so I will link that in places,
because you can definitely check that out. This book is about Lou. It takes
place the Summer before her senior year of high school, and she works at an
amusement park, unfortunately as a dancing hot dog. She has this theory that
it’s not the Summer after high school but the Summer just before your senior
year that is the best Summer ever, and she really wants to make that happen, but
it seems like everything is conspiring for that to not happen. She comes up with
this huge scheme to end up dating this boy that she really likes but who
already has a girlfriend, which.. that was red flags for me. However, I can say I
really enjoyed how this book turned out. Part of me had Inklings about how it
might go down, but I was very happy that it went down that path and all of her
really terrible behaviour was addressed. If you want to see me talk more about my
thoughts throughout the book, while also drinking way too much sangria, like I
said you can watch my reading vlog. The one movie I watch this week was Endgame.
Yes, I’ve already seen it but my roommate had not so I made him go to
and he cried four times, so again… we love Endgame. There’s really not much I can
say about this movie one because I’ve talked about it before and two because
if you also haven’t seen it I am NOT gonna spoil anything for you. Of course,
we also watched some more of the 21st season of Survivor. I’m getting to know
the characters a little bit more, unlike last time when I was like I literally
don’t remember what happened. As it is so far, though, this isn’t one of those
standout seasons for me. I’m glad that we’ve got to a point where there’s kind
of a switch up, but I can almost guarantee you that when I get back from
my three week trip, I’m not going to remember any of these people when we
start back up where we left off. The other show I watched this week was GLOW. We
watched the entire first season, and a couple of episodes from the second
season before I had to leave town. GLOW, or Glamorous [*Gorgeous] Ladies of Wrestling, is a TV
show done by Netflix that is set in the 80s, and it’s all about these people who
are going to be on this show, [Gorgeous] Ladies of Wrestling. It stars Alison Brie,
who I know from Community, and I think this show is cast very, very well. I
would highly recommend it, because even at points where you’re like “oh this is
some 80s gross-ness: – it challenges those points and talks about them which I
appreciate. The book I finished listening to this week was actually recommended by
somebody you views my videos and that was This Is How It Always Is. I asked
when I did my wrap up for the Queer Lit Readathon what everybody’s favourite
book of the week was, and this was somebody’s favourite book, and I can see
why this was definitely a 5 stars for me, as well. This book is centered around this one family that is headed by Penn and Rosie. They get together. They basically have this beautiful romance. He is a writer and she is a doctor, and then when they start having children together, they
have a boy, and just over a year later they have another boy, and they really
want to try for a girl because she lost a little sister when she was younger to
leukemia so she would really like to have a daughter. Of course, when they
tried one more time for a daughter, they get twin boys, and when they try one more
time they do get a biosex male, but we find out pretty soon in Claude’s life
that he is a girl. The writing in this book is absolutely beautiful. I especially
like the scenes that were very intimate between the parents, because just the way
they communicated was just so lovely, and then also the narrator of this audiobook did a very good job of differentiating
between different characters. It can be the case that when somebody is doing a
little kid voice, it’s annoying, but I found that this little kid voice
actually worked really well, and even though five kids is a lot on the page,
you could actually get the personalities of the different characters through the
writing, which I found phenomenal. This story definitely takes some difficult
turns, so know that going into it, but ultimately it was absolutely gorgeous
and I think everyone should read it. That’s it for this week. My next video
will be from the east coast of Canada, so look forward to that.
Have you read, watched, or listen any of these? Let me know about it down in the
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fit and I’ll see you very soon. Bye! [outro music]

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