Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #137 [CC]

Hi, YouTube, it’s Kathy, and this is my
Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up for August 11th – 17th. This week, I read 3 books, I watched 2 shows, and I listened to 3 books. First, I finished The Accidental Beauty Queen.
This is a book I originally saw over on yerabooknerdzoe’s channel, and then I saw it in person at my library and went, “hey, Zoe
was talking about this,” and I kind of wanted something brain candy-ish, so I
picked it up. This book is about twins, Charlotte and Ginny. Charlotte is our
protagonist, and she’s a children’s librarian, and her sister Ginny is a pageant queen. Charlotte decides to take a vacation to
Orlando to visit her sister while she’s at this pageant, but mostly go to Harry
Potter World, but Ginny ends up eating something and having this allergic
reaction to it that makes her face swell up, so she can’t compete in the pageant show.
And the doctor she sees makes some offhanded comment about ‘why don’t they
just switch places’ so of course that’s what this book is. This was pretty fun, for the most part, although I found it kind of annoying that every time there
was a Harry Potter reference, the author felt like they needed to explain the
reference, as though it’s not something that people know about. Yes, we know that
Slytherins are the cunning house. Yes, we know. But other than that, this was
exactly what I wanted out of this book. It was cute, it was fluffy, it had a
couple of hard-hitting moments between these sisters and they grew as people,
and there was a romance involved, so it was nice. Speaking of something that was
just kind of nice, I did a buddy read of The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory
with my friend Madalyn from Novel Ink. If you haven’t seen her channel before,
you should definitely check it out. I will link it down below. She’s been
inactive for a little while, but she’s coming back fairly soon.
This is the third in the companion novel series, starting with The Wedding Date,
and then The Proposal, and now The Wedding Party. I’m not going to ruin who
the ship in this book is, because it’s two side characters that we’ve met
previously in the book series, and this very quickly goes from them hating each
other to having sex with each other within the first couple of chapters of
the book. They then decided they are going to continue these secret rendezvous until a certain point in the future, at which point they’ll just stop.
Obviously, being a romance, I’m sure you know where this goes. When Madalyn and I
were discussing this book, we didn’t really have that much to talk about,
besides it was something that was nice, and light, and yes there were a couple of
conflicts, because there always are, but there wasn’t so much to really get super
attached to. We liked the characters, we like seeing
the previous characters from the other books, as well, but it was just something
that was just kind of nice. I mostly just spent a lot of time wanting to tell
these buttheads to just realize that they like each other, because that would
make their lives so much easier. The other book I read this week was Ironside.
This is part of the Faerieathon readalong where we’re reading all of Holly Black’s
works, and this is the third in the Modern Fairy Tale trilogy. These books,
you might remember from me talking about the two previous ones, are from the early
2000s so they are different from what YA is now. For example, the main characters
smokes, and that’s just a weird thing that doesn’t usually happen in YA anymore.
Going into this, because I didn’t know anything about the third book, I thought
we were going to have a whole new protagonist, but we went back to having
the same protagonist as the first book, and then characters from the first and the
second books kind of intermingled. There were some high stakes, there was some
betrayal, there was some hard feelings, there was a bunch of all that type of
stuff, but it didn’t really like stick with me. I enjoyed reading it just fine,
but it’s not something that I feel like I can rave about, and obviously being the
third in a series, just like the last book, there’s not too much I can tell you
about it. Onto I watched this week. Of course, we are watching the 22nd
season of Survivor, which is Redemption Island. The funniest thing to come out of this week is that when the tribes merged, Rob said “hey I know this word that in Spanish means like something or other
about the sea; let’s use that as our tribe name” and they were like, “oh yeah,
that sounds beautiful” but in reality it’s the name that his wife is given to
a stuffed animal they have back home, and he just basically did it so that she
would laugh her ass off, and I loved that. It was hilarious.
It’s a lot of fun to see Boston Rob back, which makes me excited for the next
season, which is season 39, I’m pretty sure, because he will be there in some
form of mentor capacity. This week, my roommate and I also started the third
season of GLOW, and yesterday I realized that Bash is not played by Zac Efron,
even though that’s what I’ve been thinking for two and a part seasons.
Apparently I’m not the only person on the internet that made that mistake, but yeah. Also, I know this guy from Private
Practice, so I don’t know why I messed that up so badly, but there you have it.
Also, my best friend texted me in a tizzy going “how did I not realize that
Britannica is played by Kate Nash?!” And I was like, “is that that singer we used to
listen to an Ireland a decade ago?” And she was like “yes.” I’m like “I was wondering
about that because I have seen the name in the credits, but I was too lazy to
look it up.” It was also harder to put together because the character of
Britannica can not sing and Kate Nash is a singer so there you have it.
I’m enjoying this new setting in the third season, and it was very interesting that
the second episode it didn’t have any wrestling whatsoever.
Next, I listened to Sky Without Stars, which is a retelling of Les Miserables,
set in the future, on a different planet, which is exactly why I wanted to read it.
I think we know by now that I’m not particularly drawn to reading classics,
but this is actually a classic that I have read, because I did the musical back
in 2002, so I read the entire book, even though the only part I played in the
musical was Whore #1. This thespian likes to read the source material. I thought that this was incredibly inventive. I liked the three different
point-of-view characters we got We got, essentially, the Eponine character, whose
name is Chatine but she goes by Tomo because she pretends to be a boy so she
won’t be harassed while she’s in the market trying to scrounge up money.
We got the Mariusm character which is Marcellus. He’s the grandson of the general that basically leads the army on this planet, and then we have the Cosette
character whose name was Alouette. She and her ‘father’ have been hiding with
these sisters in this underground bunker under the city, basically keeping this
library, for as long as she can remember. Something I really liked about reading
this first book in this series, because it is going to be a series, which – it kind
of annoys me because I just wanted to have the whole story, but that’s fine.
Since I’ve read the source material and I lived the musical for a good few
months my youth, I know a lot of different details, so I could quite
easily see these little things that were coming. For example, it said that Chatine’s little brother was killed when he was very, very young, but then there’s
this street rat character later who goes by the name of Roche, and I’m just like
well that’s clearly the Gavroche character, so, like, that’s going to be
something later in the series, and just little nods the original, such as the
Jean Valjean character has been going by Hugo all this time – as in Victor Hugo.
There was something about the audiobook that kept bothering me, though. There was
all these different instances where they were talking about things in either kilometres, or centimetres or metres, or anything like that, but every time they used one of those words, they would say it with a French accent. Which is very annoying because yes, metre – M-E-T-R-E,
is a word in French, but it is also a word in UK and Canadian English.
I didn’t have access to a print copy so I didn’t know if they were italicizing
words in the print copy as well and maybe that’s why the direction was given,
but even if they were italicizing in the print copy, that’s super annoying
because those are English words, as well. Also, this book used the word “stupide” in
every chapter probably, probably multiple times in every chapter, and yes I can see
pronouncing that ableist slur in a French accent because it has the “e” at
the end of the word, but pronouncing English words that also appear in French
with the exact same spelling in a French accent became very annoying. As a side
note, the person that read the Marsellus chapters was Vikas Adam, who has appeared
in three audiobooks I’ve listened to recently, so good for you, Vikas. It just
seems like every other audiobook, I’m like, “Oh, read by Vikas Adam, cool!”
Next, I listened to quiet by Susan Cain. This was a reread for me because my book club was
reading it and I figured I should just brush up on it because I read it a few
years ago, which mostly meant that I listened to it on double-speed on the
day of the book club because I forgot that I meant to reread it. This is a book
about introverts, which is something I very much am, and had no idea was a thing
until somewhere in my 20s. Being an introvert is something I heavily
identify with, to the point where I used to make videos on this channel called
Ask an Introvert, so I will leave that playlist up here and down below.
Finally, this week I also listened to A Very Large Expanse of Sea, because my
friends Saajid has been screaming from rooftops about it, so I knew it was gonna
be good. This takes place about a year after 9/11, and centres an American
Muslim girl. Her and her family move around a lot because every time her dad
gets a promotion, they go to a new town, so she’s been to 12 different schools in
10 years. And because she chooses to wear the hijab, she has heard all sorts of
nonsense things from people at all times, always. This has understandably made her a
very guarded person, so she just tries to keep her head down and not interact with
people at school, because on any given day she’ll have to listen to 17
different racist things they’ve just said. This kinda starts to change when this cute white boy from her biology class keeps wanting to talk to her. There’s a decent amount of nostalgia in this book for me,
because this character is about the age that I was at that time, although she
preferred AOL Instant Messenger, and I definitely used the Microsoft Instant
Messenger. I was also quite shocked that her family was described as kind of
lower income but they had cell phones. I definitely didn’t have a cell phone in
2002. I didn’t get a cell phone until I was in college and I was 20 years old,
but I do remember people talking about how expensive text messages were, so that
was definitely a thing that was worked into this book. This was both a beautiful
and heartbreaking love story, and Saajid was right to be screaming it from
rooftops, because everybody should read it. It’s summer and I’m starting to get
really sweaty because I had to turn off the fa, so that’s it for this week.
If you’ve read, watched, or listened to any of these, let me know about it down in the
comments below. On the way down to the comments, if you hit that Subscribe button,
that would be very nice of you. You can like and share this as you see
fit, and I will see you very soon. Bye! [outro music]

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