16 thoughts on “Where Is My Mind Pixies Piano Cover + Piano Sheet Music

  1. Hey Ago! loving the new covers, have you thought of covering anything from Jamiroquai? would be cool if you covered one of his songs :D, all the best

  2. this is excellent !! = ) Fred loves the Pixies and my sister 's favorite movie is Fight Club (+ it's her birthday today) so I'll share the video with them both !!!
    what a great job you've done here , you really manage to recreate the emotion in the song !! well done Ago !

  3. oups , it appears I commented on Fred's account !!!! hahaha !! well at least my mistake will make one more commentary !!
    so I say I really I love the vid , I 've already watched it 3 times !!

  4. Awesome cover. One of my favorite songs and I love piano, so was cool to hear that combined. Keep the fire!!

  5. I like that song, I like the piano, I like your motivation to play, I like this cover, I like everything haha you're awesome 😀

  6. Fantastic cover! One of my favourite songs ever. I thought the Sunday Girl cover was the best, but now I need to think again ;0)

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