Why Europe’s nationalist parties all sound alike

Three… …European… …politicians They speak different languages… …but they’re all singing the same tune This European Union is a horror show Today’s disorderly Europe is incapable of finding solutions We are going to Europe in order to overturn this Europe And that’s weird… …because one belief that unites these nationalist… …populist European leaders… …is that the European Union should be… …less united Since the euro crisis of 2009… …and the migrant crisis of 2015… …these right-wing populist movements… …have grown in strength… …and in number Europe is already under invasion Tens and tens of millions will head to Europe from Africa and the Middle East His campaign against Muslim refugees… …won his party two-thirds of the seats… …in Hungary’s general election in 2018 Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party… …doesn’t sound all that different What’s happening in France? The never-ending riots, the impositions of sharia Law and Justice won an outright majority in 2015 Every European country has its own version Tomio Okamura is a Czech-nationalist politician… …born in Japan… …who wants a zero-tolerance policy on immigration We cannot allow our countries to be flooded with immigrants… …from hostile and incompatible cultures It’s not clear what this means… …but it plays into European fears… …of what they call an… …invasion In other words… …immigration I would stop immigration of non-Western immigrants… …immediately They all accuse Brussels… …of behaving like a dictatorship We are under total dictatorship by Brussels… …and we have lost sovereignty completely Which is ironic… …given that they’re all running in democratic elections… …for the EU parliament They often speak of a supposed plot… …by mainstream leaders like… …Angela Merkel… …to replace Europeans with lower-paid migrants I am convinced that this immigration… …is a researched and financed project in order to… …ethnically substitute European people… …with new slaves who can be paid three euros per hour for their work And they tend not to like feminism Or gay rights They may say some provocative… …or even hateful things… …but… …their language and ideas are consistent… …all across Europe And they’re clearly effective Pollsters predict… …that these eurosceptic parties… …will see a significant rise in votes in the European election Ironically… …it’s the Eurosceptic parties that seem to be doing the best job… …building pan-European politics The question is whether the parties that believe in a stronger Europe… …can do the same thing?

100 thoughts on “Why Europe’s nationalist parties all sound alike

  1. We all sound alike because its a collective fuck you from the REAL peoples of europe that have had enough of your marxist agenda and your indocrinated zombies.

  2. We the Majority of humanity know the real truth and you know we….."The Protocols of the elders of Zion another document the Semite Media and their Pawns have tried to castigate as a book of Untruths.
    Strange how so much of those writings have come to pass.
    …….They know we know the real truth…….

  3. in no small part because of Opus Dei. it's apparent from the comments below that those ultra conservative right wing lunatics intend on cementing the state as part of corporate power. yet another attempt at fascism. why do you think steve bannon is hanging around with them and talking about reducing income tax to zero. the reason is that under such a condition the state then has no power and only corporations do.

  4. Right wing Populists Unite! Europe is for Europe, decrease racial integration in Europe. If we continue this elitist mess, the European race and its culture will die. No more.

  5. Do not slander Europe for it taking control of its home and placing rules on THEIR lands that would reject terrible progressivism, and cure Europe. Why the hell is everyone coming to the west, there is so much land in the East and yet, they simply come for European money. No more.

  6. The Economist isn't left-wing dumb dumbs, it's center-right. Most, if not all centrists are Pro-EU. When you read or watch the Economist, it's probably going to have a Pro-EU/Pro-Institution/ Pro-Capitalist stance on things. Not that hard to comprehend.

  7. Incredible! It is as if all the green parties sounded the same or the Christian Democrats, or socialists, wouldn't that be stupid, wouldn't it?

  8. I remember when The Economist was a respectable news magazine about economics news, world affairs, and free trade. Now it is a mouthpiece for left-wing political activism. Glad I stopped my subscription years ago.

  9. Fuck liberal leftist terrorist media. You did not make Europe you will not speak for it scums you must be prosecuted publicly

  10. Ironically, this guy sounds very ignorant about politics while offering a terrible political analysis. I'd suggest to stick with economics since your publication has still been struggling with that even over the years.

  11. This was very encouraging the doing away with Globalism and the prospects
    of an unelected tyrannical world government.

  12. The leader of alternative for Germany is a lesbian Geert welders supports gay rights The sweetish democrats orchestrated a gay pride event through Muslim community

  13. How dare these people have pride in their countries, and try to hold onto their cultures. They should just give into the overlords who benefit from a lack of national strength

  14. This is fake news ! EUROPA SHALL RISE ONCE MORE to expel the terrorists ! DEUS VULT, we are all the same, we will fight as ONE ! From Your Brothers in Portugal we Support EUROPA !

  15. What a load of crap. Assuming a bunch of limp-wristed sissy beta soy-boy EU bureaucrats and their hoard of illiterate Somalis can make Europe stronger.

  16. And what is wrong with them?
    They want Europe for Europeans! You are using immigrant children as propaganda, why don't you show 30 year old rapists and vandals. Where i come from, immigrants are breaking in houses every now and then. Why you don't talk about that? These politicians want their country safe. Look what Germany have become. Some statistics say that every 10th German will be muslim in 2070. Their culture is destroyed. These politicians just want to protect their country and its people from immigrants before it's too late. This video is clear propaganda.

  17. Yeah lets listen to the bankster controlled left wing corporat media $$$$$$.$$$$$$$$
    Pushing the agenda of the elitists 1%

  18. Nationalists have to win! Eastern Europeans are proud people fighting for their countries and identities like Orban is fighting for Hungary! So the west should follow as well! Trump doesn't want refugees in his country but wants to force them in Western Europe to make shit over there! Europe for Europeans! We didn't build our culture for Africans and for Middle easteners but for ourselves!

  19. The EU has gained all its powers without the consent of Europe's citizens so there is a conspiracy and more and more are getting suspicious. We all know that an Army is being built to be used to fight for Israel because Israel is incapable of fighting its own battles. The cracks are appearing in the Globalists agenda. Israel will lose because it has been utterly dishonest on so many levels, we here in the US are starting to realize that they have been abusing our military for decades. Israel please stand up for yourself and fight not cower behind others.

  20. I will give you an example, during the immigrant wave in Argentina in the 80's(1880) during the Liberal Conservative rule, every European was welcome,but will have to embrace our culture, lenguague, find work themselves if they didn't come in a big group, make up their lives. If you went to the Patagonia, an unpopulated part of Argentina, your community will have less presure from the government in assimilating the immigrants. In Europe they don't assimilate the immigrants to their culture, religion, to their lenguague (in Argentina we still have Chinese immigrants who can't speak Spanish)

  21. Why your blabbing sounds like all other msm propaganda? Whom broke european unity? left wing politicians living in fairy tales while pepole were slaughtered on the streets.
    Terrorism? divercity is our strenght!!!
    stabbing crime? ban knifes, go multiculturalism!!!
    rapy rapy gangs? it's their culture – shut pepole up with censorship – enjoy tolerance.
    isis fighters european holidays? assimilate them – you biggots
    when europe got overflood with those "enritching cultures" and idiotic countries that made mistake of going on with uncontrolled migration started to force others to take them in, only those countries you are demonising here slowed the flood, forcing western pathological politicians to stop this madness.
    Those parties are more democratic than any of your dream team libtard parties that have pathetic support. Look at Macaron… You pepole are a joke.

  22. God created the Heavens, the Earth and everything in it. God owns it all, it all belongs to Him! The breath of God is in everyone and God is 'not' a nationalist.

  23. Because they have the same modus operandi:don't say anything worth but talk to people guts. Basically,they are talking shit!

  24. Well as a Russian am happy with what's going on with the West. You invaded countries for centuries and destabilized and destroyed some cultures and stole and still stealing but you ain't ready to deal with the consequences…

  25. Assimilation or deportation. That's my saying. No Illegal invaders only restricted immigration with only legal immigrants allowed. Fuck the left, the globalists, the illegal invaders, most muslims, most Catholics, unassimilated thugs, and other threats to Europe. As far as im concern all races are equal BUT ALL RELIGIONS, CULTURES, POLITICAL VIEWS, AND TRADITIONS AREN'T EQUAL SOME ARE SHIT! MULTICULTURALISM IS DEFINITELY A THREAT! Diversity of thought, politics, religion and culture is a threat. Unity is through nationality and thought is strength. It's a common rule to not allow foreigners to become politically in office. Only natives can have political careers. Foreigners can't take care of national politics. Fuck voting bring back monarchy. Have Pan ethno states arise. Only rare exceptions do foreigners become politicians within native countries. We need Militarization of every country. Screw womans rights that's a threat to strength. Keep Europe for European laws no Islamic laws. Execute all rapists. Deport those who don't 100% assimilate. FOR NATIONALISM FOR CELTIC UNITY!

  26. Thats the right parties in these country movement nationlism becuse of left parites polcey fails in these countries so poeple returing to right parties we see them leading poeple of eourpian countries in the street to hate imgratis a make them looklike as they invat eourp

  27. 2:16 unless we eu countries do like brussel wants us to we get fined so bad they almost force us to do things their way

  28. Is it not possible that the elites world wide are saying they same thing? What about the reds I bet they all sat similar things worldwide

  29. i dont think this guy has even a proper opinion on the matter… he is basically just asking left wing questions….

  30. You make it sound like a mysterious conspiracy and something underhanded or evil. When it is not. The parties and the people that run them want fewer Africans and Muslim of whatever race in Europe. This is not rocket science and it is not some sort of racism. Really. Literally they to don't want to share their hard won (or american given) prosperity to be shared with an abominable religion or persons from the mad house nations south of the Sudan. Period . They are supported by the regular people of each nations not the European elites how can live in walled communities were they do not have to interact with the unwanted non European newcomers. It is not a give by everyone that a nation will do well with non Europeans hordes failing to integrate changing the culture. Elites like the speaker People are not being hoodwinked by these parties, they support them. They just are trying not to use insulting language. Maybe they should and this video could not be implying they are being sneaky.. It does not change that they are doing the right thing and speaking the truth. It is not a secret and it is entirely understandable. Your speaking this way is to make it seem like it is sneaky or sinister. It is just self preservation and exercising a preoperative not to pay for some one not of your culture to live next to you when you do not want them to. Period.

  31. The title of the video says 'why Europe's nationalist parties sound alike'. Still waiting.

    What you actually said, but did not want to hear, was that everywhere in all countries people do not want such degree of immigration and the more people like you stick your head in the sand the angrier they are getting.

  32. Hay how about giving out your home address. I want to send a few people that are new to your country to live off of You! I'm tired of paying for them!

  33. Because the message is the same. Get rid of this hierarchical bureaucracy that governs the entire continent. That is a valid perspective and the fact that the media is trying to dismiss those concerned with the direction the European Union is taking is appalling.

  34. Right-wing brothers, the goal of this video is not to change our views. It's to brainwash people who aren't into politics, and to radicalise the left!

  35. Its because everyone has the same complaint. If everyone is complaining about the same thing, its because the problem is universal across europe

  36. This is because the immigrants that the EU say we should welcome have not come to our countries to integrate, they came here to assimilate, a truth you all refuse to admit!

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