Why is Elizabeth Warren part of Taylor Swift’s music battle?

93 thoughts on “Why is Elizabeth Warren part of Taylor Swift’s music battle?

  1. I'm not worried about Taylor Swift who has Hundreds of Millions of dollars. So what. She sold them. They bought them. They can do what they want. Deal with it lady.

  2. Unsubscribing from all YT, it’s been lovely watching you Maria and your one of the best but why the republicans are not charging Schiff with trying to overthrow the government is beyond me. They are doing in it in front of the world but Americans don’t seem to see it. What a load of BS

  3. Swift cavorts with cannibals and devil worshippers. Her finances are the LEAST of her problems. Elizabeth Warren is a COMMUNIST. THESE COMMUNISTS needs to be CRUSHED. GET REAL and SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

  4. Warren has a plan for everything but no financial reality. No thought of how her extreme plans would affect the economy. Russia, Cuba and Venezuela are reaping the consequences of Socialist dogma. Go look at her. District in Commiefornia , that’s only a predecessor of what to expect . 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉 🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

  5. I will never ever ever ever care about Taylor Swift.

    Seriously who cares what this hateful little feminist entitlement princess says about anything?

    She's an imbecile and should never be taken seriously on any topic.

  6. REAL MEN never listen to women or take their advice WOMEN THINK WITH THEIR SHOES because their brain is in their feet.

  7. Really??? Kevin Leer, the guy who is involved in killing a person with his big boat is now a Fox news personality??? How low Fox is sinking…wow ! Guess it doesn't matter what you do as long as you have over a Billion dollars.

  8. Nobody cares about titless swift? Pocahontas Warren and titless should move to Yemen along with the screaming titless swift "songs"

  9. Very stupid story get over it you sold it and now you have to live with it. Warren is a joke and she always has a plan for everything Stalin is not the way read history all bad.

  10. More lies from Elizabeth Warren Queen of the clowns Taylor Swift sold her rights on some of her songs and this is what the feud is really about poor little tailor

  11. She's a devil worshipper! Just keep remixing your same old crappy music and stay away from us underprivileged poor ppl

  12. News To Taylor Swift: Elizabeth Warren Wants To Tax Your Income At The Rate Of 70%+ Annually Which Means For 100% Of Your Work, You're Paid 30%. That Sucks!!–That "Bites".–Just Stating The Facts As I Know And Understand Them To Be…

  13. If Swift is unaware that her label has been purchased she is not paying attention and neither is her manager.

    She could have created her own label after she made it big.

  14. Does anyone really believe Elizabeth Warren has a snowballs chance in hell of becoming President?So many people think we need the first women president but what if she would get in and wake up one morning and says she wants to identify as a man!Then what?

  15. I can’t stand Swift but AOC I loathe that racist, lunatic,babbling idiot and the way she slings her hands and arms drives me crazy.

  16. When you buy my car… I don’t get to stop by now and then and tell you how you should be driving it.
    You worked for a label, that label gave you a deal, you signed that deal. It’s done.

  17. swift is just another lost moron in Hollywood that doesn't have the sense to keep her mouth shut and sell records , She turns off half the country with her big mouth about politics . What Swift , you don't have enough money ? You spoiled brat?

  18. Neither one impresses me, and I'll tell you this she is a product of a pathetic music industry who pushes what ever music they want people to hear. Most people are so easily entertained by pathetic music it amazes me SMH. And as far as Elizabeth Warren goes really are you serious my pet rock is smarter and I don't even own one.

  19. I'm not the least concerned about Taylor Swift's "problems". Just a monkee with cymbals occasionally getting boinked by another monkee with cymbals or the organ grinder. Warren wants to grind the organ.

  20. "Income taxes" extract money from the wealthy. "Business taxes" are paid by EVERYONE. Income taxes are the hand the magician wants you to watch while they use the other hand to lift your wallet

  21. It's like a combo quid pro qou by Elizabeth Warren and Taylor Swift.

    Dance baby dance.
    Sing baby sing.
    Play baby play. Play my pipe or my mic. 😂🤣😂🤣

  22. Both Elizabeth warren, and Barack Obama once said ……
    "If you own a business, you didn't grow that business, the employees did"
    Beside being foolish, those kind of comments don't come from real capitalists.

  23. Elizabeth Warren:: Raise taxes, raise taxes, raise taxes….plan for everything!
    She's a lying idiot!! She's gonna pander to everyone until she fools everyone then she will TAX everyone until everyone is living in a box in the woods….socialism.

  24. Tyler Swift is an irrelevant deep state enemy combatant that sold her soul to the cabal for fame and fortune. A godless pig.

  25. Swift and Warren are 2 people that have no idea how music business works. Basically Taylor has been told No for the 1st time in her life and shes not dealing with it well. All of us here in Nashville are loving the fall from grace.

  26. This just proves t-swizzle is playing the victim again. She had the opportunity to buy her own music. She threw a fit and bailed. Now she regrets it. Get a better lawyer Taylor

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