Wintergatan Marble Machine – PIANO VERSION

[Piano] [Piano Intensifies] [Piano staying awesome] [Piano Fades away]

100 thoughts on “Wintergatan Marble Machine – PIANO VERSION

  1. This has the same genius as some of the Castlevania music. I think it is a bit too repetitive for piano though. I think it needs interludes throughout and a story-like development from beginning to end. The interludes would emphasize the changes in the backing melody which otherwise tend to run together somewhat monotonously, and break the composition up into sections so that they can be more readily recognized as a progression.

  2. this is good on a piano, but honestly in my head, hearing the original video, it kinda leans more towards a harpsichord than piano for sound

  3. Thanks for the beautiful music, I Will play it soon on the piano too, now I got the sheetmusic 🙂 And indeed, like some other commentors are saying, it is a bit like Yann Tiersen.
    Like my recording:

  4. Here's playlist of the wintergatan song played in different instruments(along with a minecraft cover)-

  5. That was a beautiful rendition. Something about a piano and certain melodies that bring a tear to my eye. Thank you for the video.

  6. I really want to learn how to play the piano. The first song I want to learn is this one. It's so beautiful and I love it.

  7. If u have heard the original marble machine play at 1.25 playback speed but if u want a distorted version play at 0.25 playback speed

  8. a friend asks if he can use your marble song in a video game he would also give you money for it but it is not guaranteed that this game will probably come because the ideas are missing. he thought he might use it as a start tune

  9. I'm imagining my life flashing before my eyes and I'm impressed that this is the exact tune in head this whole time. BTW I'm 16. Schools over. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

  10. this inspires me to learn more about piano, and im not that kind of guy that likes playing musical instruments 😁

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  13. I'm a violinist, and I have to admit that at 1:05 it's a bit difficult for me to practice it, but I hope and improve because I love this song, its melody is so sweet.

  14. Kind of final fantasy meets Ludovico Einaudi. The fact that (despite this having the human touch) the marble machine version is still better just shows how perfect the this tune is for something like the marble machine.

  15. That is the sound I want to hear, in the final moments when I realize that I lived the best I could, that I didn't waste my time on bad things, that I loved my parents, my brothers and friends and know that nothing was in vain, and with this song carry me to my best times, where I saw my first love, my achievements at school, my marriage, my first child, the smile of my grandchildren playing, and my wife's hug, and so I finished my passage for this world in an epic way, … living is good don't waste it!

  16. This is the exact same tune that I have playing in my head, because, I am forevermore alone … With nobody to love, appreciate, acknowledge and accept me for who I am ……… THIS IS HUMAN TOTURE!!!!!!!!!

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