Xbox One S – Introducing the best value in games and entertainment

[XBOX SOUND] Xbox One S. The best value in games and entertainment. [MUSIC] Now that’s a Big Fun Deal. [XBOX SOUND]

100 thoughts on “Xbox One S – Introducing the best value in games and entertainment

  1. My phat Xbox One is still going strong. That bad boy has never let me down and I have it since the launch in 2013 !

  2. Im gonna break everything,my xbox just died two week ago ,i but it in 2016 ,cannot play any games and cannot light up,anybody know what to do and if somebody have that problem ,i have so many save and game i dont wany to lose them so pls if somebody know tell me

  3. For some reason I just get this weird awesome feeling about my one S that I haven’t gotten with any other console. The one S is just special to me for some reason, and I love it a lot. Hopefully I get that same feeling with the X!

  4. I still have my day one edition Xbox one. I'm going to upgrade to the Xbox one s around new year. I know Xbox one x will be out but ill be happy with the s. So no need to spend way more money for me <3

  5. So the X is almost here to pick up and I pre-ordered my Scorpio edition as soon as it was available. As we draw closer i'm not sure if I should really spend another $430+ to pick it up or go get my $100 deposit back. The collector's value is really there for me and I know i'll never get another chance at the Scorpio version but i'm just not sure right now. Few days to figure out what i'll decide I suppose. Thoughts?

  6. Xbox is for kids
    It can't make it's own games so it hunts for promising games and then buys them. dont take it seriously Xbox fans Just my views……

  7. Fuzion Frenzy works like a charm. It'll fun playing party games with it agaim at some point, plus I played the game with the original Xbox disc.

  8. This is everything the Xbox One SHOULD have been when it launched! If it was I think things would be a bit different.

  9. My original launch day xbox one sometimes has a faulty disc drive or crash issues. I don't feel like buying another xbox product.

  10. Did i see PUBG ??? Oh well….. i think the day is coming ! PREPARE for the best game in xbox store !!!
    1st. PUBG
    2nd. Cuphead

  11. Xbox una s y pes2018 la peor convinacion… hace 1 hora y algo q estoy jugando y solo pude jugar un partido y se suspendio x la conexion… si piensas comprar pes2018 no compren xbox one. cuesta una vida q te encuentre un rival

  12. What is Microsoft gold. My friend wasted money worth of 4 games in it. Is it a loan or kind of something? I also was buying xbox 360 and He sayed I need to pay each month even after buying it. Without it I can't play Forza and Halo

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